The real question to ask yourself before using a fitness machine is not "does my T-shirt match my leggings? ” (hmm… That's a bit cliché!). You should be asking "what is my goal?".If you want to get back in shape or just challenge yourself, we do not have a specific recommendation to give (if not just to have a good time), you would be satisfied with any of these machinesOn the other hand, if you have specific goals, like getting back into a sport after an injury, losing weight, or even improving your heart health for your everyday life, there are a few keys to efficiently working out on THE right cardio machine, the machine that was made for you!

Which fitness equipment is right for you??

What exercise machine should I use after an injury?

Has your doctor just given you the green light? Is it finally time to start exercising again after taking months off due to an injury? There's no need to explain, we perfectly understand your joy. However, you should be careful not to get carried away. To ensure that you remain injury-free, you need to do things right. 

For this purpose, we recommend using a machine that supports your weight. And what is our ideal choice? The exercise bike. “It lets you perform a gentle, fluid movement and exercise from a seated positionWith this machine, you don't have to support your body weight…".And that is not just anyone praising the merits of this naturally cushioning machine. Irma is the assistant product manager at Domyos. Having 10 years of experience as a fitness coach, you might say she knows what she's talking about. 

Other than the exercise bike, Isma also recommends walking (on a treadmill). “Excluding any particular contraindications, this activity is suitable for everyone!".The intensity of the treadmill can be varied at your convenience so that you can cool down for your greater well being.And no, cardio sessions do not just happen, you must make the decision to get started. But you must have already known that, you didn't read this article expecting to just sit on your treadmill!

What exercise machine should I use to lose weight?

There it is, your light bulb moment. You alone can decide that those extra kilos are no longer welcome. This decision comes back to the individual, to he or she alone. And today, the choice is yours. 

“THE single perfect machine for losing weight does not exist, everything depends on the intensity at which you work out. But I tend to prefer machines where your body weight is unsupported, like an elliptical or treadmill. By their very nature, they require more effort”. 

Fitness cardio can be adapted to you and your expectations so that you reach your goals. This accessible, full-body exercise provides a realm of possibilities thanks to the diverse content provided by its versatile, customizable circuits.