"What is
cardio boxing ?"

Cardio boxing is a physical activity that mixes boxing movements with strength work. It can be done alone or in a group, with or without equipment, and you never even touch an opponent. Cardio boxing is a way of letting off steam and having fun that's inspired by boxing.

"We make the fun and the benefits of cardio boxing accessible to as many people as possible !"

By being by your side and listening to your feedback each and every day, whether you're a beginner or an old hand, we're able to design the most suitable, affordable products for your cardio boxing and boxing activities. Our value proposition : To offer clever, attractive outfits that protect the physical integrity of our users, who will love wearing them from the moment they put them on until the very end of their workout, and to offer new experiences that introduce people to boxing and its benefits no matter where they are.


We're passionate

about the benefits of this sport for your health !
Cardio boxing can be used to :

- tone your body.
- burn calories.
- improve your cardiovascular fitness.
- Release stress.

Our mission is to :

- make boxing available to everyone by offering simple solutions for training alone or with others, no matter where you are ;
- make boxing affordable by offering solutions to help beginners have fun and progress.


"Boxe anywhere with the 100 free-standing punch bag !"

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But OUTSHOCK is also :

club boxing
martial arts

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