"We make the benefits of weight training and cross-training accessible to the greatest number of people"

At CORENGTH, our mission is to make sports accessible to you and to accompany you on your fitness journey. Whether you are interested in nutrition, programming, or even how to use our products, we give you all our tips so that you can achieve your goals.


Feel better in the long-term and confident in your body.

Your body is the only tool that stays with you, from your first breath to your last.It is a key factor in your well-being and self-confidence. There are two incredible sports that can develop your body and take care of it, functionally as well as aesthetically : weight training and cross-training.

musculation et le crosstraining
musculation et le crosstraining

Beyond any clichés and biases that often come with these sports, there are many things you can do to make your first steps easy, exciting and enjoyable.Impressive, observable progress is the best way to avoid one thing: giving up. Because if you give up, you are pushing more than just a sport aside. What you are giving up is the absolutely unique experience of feeling good about yourself and confident in your body!

Therefore, our common goal is to assist the greatest number of people in their physical training so that we can help each and every person make this extraordinary tool that is the human body a partner in their well-being and long-term confidence.That's why the men and women in the Corength community are at the heart of every decision we make.

musculation et le crosstraining

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