How do you sculpt your figure? How do you gain tone and strength? 
Discover all the benefits of strength training in this file, and there will be no more mysteries! 


Strength training makes your muscles stronger and more toned!
By working on each part of your body with or without accessories, you balance your musculature and keep your body in the right posture.
Strength training is also highly recommended for general training or physical rehabilitation.

what is it?

We're not going to talk about " bodybuilding" ...but rather about tone!
Strength training and its set of exercises can be suitable for everyone and offer a direct route to better physical condition and a firmer figure. 
Get your workout gear ready and we'll give you all the details below!


our tips for starting out

practise with accessories

Dumbbells, elastics, Swiss ball, balance cushion, etc... All these accessories help to vary your exercises, multiply the different sensations, and better target certain parts of the body. Certain accessories make exercises easier to perform, others help to improve your posture, and others provide additional difficulty so you can continue to progress. Finally, some - like gym balls or Swiss balls - have a fun side that helps keep you from getting bored and makes the exercise more entertaining.
Here, you'll find some ideas to help you exercise with accessories.

practise with accessories

our tips for improving