The benefits of weight training

Whether you train at the gym or at home, weight training exercises are varied, easy to do and great for your physical and mental health.


Weight training: for the sake of your health, do it!

Want to sculpt your figure? Want to strengthen your heart? Or just want to slow down your body's natural ageing process? Then weight training is the perfect activity. Weight training exercises are varied and easy to do, whether you train at the gym or at home, and strengthen the whole body. What more could you ask for? An article about the 5 main benefits of weight training? Here it is!

Good for the body and for the figure

Not all sports are equal when it comes to developing a balanced body. Running for example concentrates more on the lower body muscles.

Do you want to work and tone all your muscles in a focused way? If so, weight training is for you. For men, a regular workout will ensure good all-round muscle development. For women, even with regular workouts, weight training won't necessarily lead to big muscles and broad shoulders. But it will help to firm and sculpt your body. Good news for sure!


Good for the heart, blood circulation and joints

When you exercise, you get your blood circulating better than when you're at rest and you strengthen your heart.

Better still: when blood moves towards your muscles, not only does it provide everything you need to work out (like oxygen), but it also helps to eliminate toxins.

Do you want more? With weight training, the repetitive movements are good for the joints as they improve lymph circulation. Toxins are eliminated better and cellulite builds up more slowly.

Good for your back

Back problems are often linked to muscular pain. When you work out properly, using the muscles all over your body, weight training helps keep the spine in good condition. It's vital to work out your back muscles to prevent and reduce chronic back pain.

But it's not all about back muscles. Abdominal and lumbar muscles have a role to play in keeping the spine and pelvis in good condition. Don't neglect them!

Good for fighting old age

After 40, if you don't make an effort, you lose muscle mass. That's why it's important to do some strength training exercises, to limit muscle loss.

Exercise can be enjoyed at any age, provided you adapt it to suit your ability and condition. For older people, even the slightest physical activity helps to maintain muscle tone and keeps you mobile and independent.

Combined with healthy eating, weight training strengthens the bones and prevents the onset of osteoporosis.

Good for your mind

What could be better than a sports session after a hard day at work? Endorphins are secreted during physical activity. Endor-what? Endorphins are hormones secreted by the brain that act as natural tranquillisers and help to reduce stress.

Regular weight training helps to sculpt the body, be more toned and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, the idea is to feel good about yourself and improve your self-confidence. This is an important aspect in society today, where image plays an important role.

One last word

So have we convinced you? Weight training nowadays is nothing like the image it used to have of being a doped sport and is now synonymous with health and well-being. Work out wherever you like, with whoever you like, enjoy yourself and progress at your own speed, because we are all different. Don't forget to rest, it plays a vital role in your muscles' recovery after your workout. Would you like to add a comment? Leave us a comment.



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