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Weight training is something anyone can do and has been booming in recent years, earning it a reputation as a truly modern sport. It's something that's good for your health as well as being essential for performing in other sports.



Do you think that weight training is just for getting big biceps? That it's all about doping and disproportionate physiques? We bet you'll change your mind. Because in the last few years, weight training has been making a comeback!

Weight training is a beneficial activity for the body and for improving your performance in other endurance and explosive sports. Want to know more? Follow our guide.





What is weight training?

Let's start with some history.


Hippolyte Trait. Does this name ring a bell? He is the founding father of the weight training we know and love today, which involves lifting weights. He opened the first gym in Paris in 1854. And even better, he invented training equipment with pulleys and weights as well as short exercises that can be done with dumbbells and barbells.


Between 1960 and 1990 in the United States, bodybuilding took off and weight training took a devastating blow. The reason? Doping products and bodies pushed to their absolute limit, bordering on deformity, came into the public eye. Thanks Schwarzenegger...


But just in the last few years, weight training has earned a reputation as being healthy and safe.

While gaining muscle mass remains the main most popular goal among weight lifters, today the sport is accessible to everyone.

Whether you want to correct bad posture, get back into shape (after recovering from an injury for example) or improve your overall health or muscle tone, weight training has plenty of benefits.



What rules should you follow?

Like in all sports, warming up is essential before beginning your workout.


Ready to get started? Let's get going. But if you want to really work your muscles, we recommend controlling your movements (not going too quick) and keeping your back straight for all exercises.



Breathing is vital when pumping out reps. Exhale during the working phase (when you're raising the bar in bench press for example) and inhale on the way down.


You can finish your workout with stretches and flexibility exercises.




Weight training:what are the benefits?

Regular weight training can provide numerous physical benefits including overall stronger muscles, less back problems, better breathing, a lower heart rate and the ability to push your limits.


But there can also be psychological benefits. An oft underestimated benefit of weight training is the self-confidence you get by sculpting your body.

In any case, weight training is an athletic activity that provides an opportunity to forget your worries and release stress.


With weight training, as with every sport, you should consult your doctor before starting a workout routine.




Is weight training for you?

Weight training is accessible to everyone. Men and women both can find exercises and programmes adapted to their needs and personal goals.


There's no age limit for getting started. If you're 40-years-old or older, a consistent, safe weight training routine is an excellent way to improve respiratory function and endurance. Even better, weight training can rejuvenate your body by limiting muscle loss as well as other side effects of ageing.


Don't like the gym? No problem! Weight training can be done easily at home or outdoors with simple exercises that you can do with your bodyweight (press-ups, pull-ups, abs...) or dumbbells.




Must-haves for working out at home

It's easy to get stronger at home with limited equipment:

Two dumbbells, a straight or curved bar, a few weights and fingerless gloves to protect your palms… What else? Nothing. This basic equipment is enough for starting weight training at home and doing numerous exercises. To avoid doing abs and core work on the ground, we recommend using a comfortable foam gym mat.



One last word

When paired with a healthy diet and good life habits (like getting enough sleep), weight training is a sport that does the body and mind good. Easy to do at home or in the gym, it doesn't require heavy or bulky equipment. Want to react to our article? Head down to the comments below.





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