Think you want to try cross training? Whether at the gym or at home, we'll explain how to get started and especially where to get started.

cross training where to workout

Tempted by cross training? Ready to push yourself harder than ever? You're in the right place! To really push your limits, why not start at home? What do you think? Whether at home at your own pace and without pressure or at the cross training class with coaches and a supportive community of enthusiasts, we'll tell you what we think and give you some pointers.


As with a cross training WOD, you start with a warm-up and gradually increase your intensity. First, we'll tell you about the pros of training at home:

No pressure bench presses

It's obviously easier to train from home: no time constraints, no trips to the box… Starting early in the morning to get to work in shape, or in the evening before going out, you are free to adapt your cross training sessions to your timetable.

Starting at home also lets you try it out without worrying about other people. The friendly and supportive atmosphere in cross training classes is great, but let's take it one step at a time.

And obviously, it's up to you to determine your training sessions based on what you want and what shape you are in that day.

Training at home gives you lots of flexibility.which is great because flexibility plays a big part in cross training!


Making the next step… from home

Easy, right? But what about the drawbacks? And one of the drawbacks when you train from home... is that you are training from home.

Working with a coach when you're learning cross training does wonders. The right weights, the right movements, the right positioning… The coach helps you to perform but also takes care of you. And it's generally easier to go to the gym than bring the coach home!

Next, you'll quickly realise that it's complicated to have all the equipment you want to pull, push and lift at home for a cross training workout, not to mention finding the space to store it all! And you can explain how brilliant your sport is all you want, but your neighbour below isn't going to be too impressed with the noise when you let go of the bar on the floor after your workout.

If you want to test and push yourself, the encouragement helps a lot! Cross training is a social sport, and unless you plan video conferences, you might start to miss the motivation and encouragement as you get to the end of your workout.

cross training at home


There's no doubt the box is the best place to start doing cross training. Olympics bars, bumper plates, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, wall ball, battle rope… You have at your disposal all the equipment and all the comfort to take care of yourself and start pushing your limits.

Plus, it’s always a great source of extra motivation. Sometimes the hardest part of your WOD is getting up off the couch. At the gym, you'll meet a community of enthusiasts who are there to support and encourage each other. And it's a real added bonus to have if you are looking to push yourself!

And to top it off, if you want to workout in cross training class, you'll also enjoy the benefit of being supported by qualified professionals. It's not just about getting certified encouragement!The coaches are there to introduce you to techniques and movements, to guide you through the training programme and the intensity based on your level and especially put your health and well-being first.

So there's nothing negative to say about the box? Well, nearly.

The main drawback is its cost. That's right, a box means a monthly membership. And even though cross training is constantly pushing its limits - just like its users - you might still not have a box close by.

So what can you do about it? Read on.



If you can't find a cross training box close by, a fitness class can be an interesting and less expensive alternative.

Then it all depends on the fitness centre. Normally, you can expect to find bars, dumbbells, weights and other weight training accessories. But that's only part of it. Cross fitness training uses a lot of other equipment. Power bags, battle ropes, kettlebells… it's up to you to see which equipments are available and what equipment is missing in the fitness centre close to you.

So have you started cross training? Whether you're working out at home or at the gym, tell us about your experiences and share your favourite boxes!



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