Endurance is an important component of any sport that helps you keep going harder and longer. Whether you're trying to get back in shape, maintain your fitness or lose weight a cross trainer has a range of benefits and can boost your endurance and cardio strength.

Domyos coach François-Alexandre has five fantastic tips to help you bump up your endurance with a targeted programme that anyone can do. Ready to give it a try at home or the gym? Let's get started!

cross trainer goal

[1.] Tip No.1: Consistency is key [hyphen]

Consistency is key if you want to get better at any sports activity. It takes a while to feel the benefits of good endurance. There are no shortcuts: you have to put in the time and be patient. Just remember that you can't get better without consistency.

[2.] Tip No.2: Work out regularly even if time is short [hyphen]

When it comes to consistency, know that it's not just about how intensely you work out. 

To get results, you need to continually put in regular efforts over time. You'll also be building up your resistance to physical and mental fatigue, which is essential to see improvements.

In short, it's better to do 30 minutes every day than to go all out for two hours once a week. You're not trying to beat your record for time spent on your cross trainer.

To stay motivated and keep up a good training rhythm, plan two to three workouts of 30 to 60 minutes every week.

[3.] Tip No.3: Set a goal [hyphen]

Everyone needs a well-defined goal that aligns with their fitness level to make training worthwhile. A cross trainer endurance programme requires patience to get visible and lasting results. The most important thing is to work out regularly, plan your workouts around your everyday life and choose a performance or health goal you want to accomplish (get ready for a race or hike, get back in shape, lose weight, etc.) based on your physical and cardio fitness levels as you follow your endurance programme.


[4.] Tip No.4: Level up your training [hyphen]

Endurance training goes hand in hand with cardio. Doing cardio will help you be able to go harder without getting out of breath while also building your muscle strength.

You need to monitor your maximum heart rate (HR max) during your cardio workouts. If you want to train effectively, you need to know this figure. Basically, your HR max is the maximum number of times your heart beats in one minute. Knowing this number can help you gauge your efforts and work harder when training.

If you have a heart rate monitor, you can get alerts to stay in the right cardio zone as you work out.

If you don't have one, you can calculate your HR max using a basic formula:


[5.] Tip No.5: Do intervals to get better [hyphen]

Along with traditional training, interval training on a cross trainer will give you good results. You'll do both fast and slow phases during a single workout. These different phases are called intervals. Intervals vary depending on the pre-set programmes available on cross trainers (1-1, 1-2, 3-4 etc.). The aim is to alternate hard effort levels with recovery times. Interval training can also help you improve your cardio fitness level.

Now that you know all about endurance on a cross trainer or other cardio equipment, how do you put that knowledge to work for you?

Whether you're a novice or have an intermediate level, here's a typical workout you can do regularly on the cross trainer. 

For each workout, aim to do 45 minutes without stopping. If you're short on time, you can start with at least 30 minutes.


Get motivated for a classic workout.

Once you have a regular rhythm established, you can add interval training to your weekly workouts.

Plan your schedule for the week with two weekly workouts: alternate between one classic training workout and one interval workout.


If you feel ready to do more, you can do three weekly workouts: alternate two interval workouts and one classic workout.


Workout rhythm:

To improve your endurance, you shouldn't do more than two 45-minute interval workouts plus one 45-minute classic workout per week. 


[7.] Following a cross trainer workout with an app or on your own [hyphen]

Whether you're working out on your own or using an app such as Domyos E-connected or Kinomap, you can always change your incline and resistance levels depending on your needs and fitness level. Apps have the benefit of guiding you through your workout to help you focus without interruption.



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