This is why you need stretchy materials so that your movements don't feel restricted! And since your body sweats when you do cardio fitness, you need breathable fabrics that wick away perspiration and keep you more comfortable during your workouts (choose polyester fabrics over cotton). A fitness outfit is made up of four essential pieces! Sabrina, product manager for Domyos women's clothing, shares her tips on how to pick the right fitness outfit.


When selecting tops, choose ones that are lightweight, follow your movements, and don't get in the way, so you can fully focus on your session or your coach, and aren't distracted by your clothes!

T-shirt or tank top? That's really a matter of personal preference.

Cardio fitness tops have a smaller neck opening to protect your privacy especially while doing exercises like the mountain climber, for example. They are also longer than running tops so that you don't expose your stomach during jumping jacks or similar exercises!

domyos women cardio fitness clothes


Whether you wear shorts or cropped bottoms is up to you. But in either case, choose bottoms that are opaque if you prefer not to have your workout partners guess the colour of your underwear! ;-)

Leggings are an essential fixture of a sports wardrobe! Some leggings are figure-flattering, while others are made of very lightweight material; some have a high waistband while others are mid-high; some have a pocket for a key and others for a phone—there's a huge choice, so pick the one that you like best!


Wearing a sports bra while doing sports is essential to protect your breasts from impact. They can weigh up to 5 times their initial weight during the impact experienced during a fitness workout.

Choose a bra with a level of support that matches the impact level of your cardio fitness exercises.

- Mild support: For no- or low-impact exercises where there is little movement of the bust (cycling, walking on a treadmill, etc.)

- Moderate support: For exercises with non-repetitive impact that cause moderate movement of the bust (step, cardio boxing, etc.)

- High support: For exercises that include repetitive jumps with intense movement of the bust (HIIT, running on a treadmill, skipping rope, etc.).

domyos women cardio fitness clothes
domyos women cardio fitness clothes


During a fitness workout session, you perform a host of different types of exercise movements, such as spins, skating steps, tuck jumps, squats, lunges, etc., at different speeds. That's one of the differences with running, which primarily consists of linear movements. To do cardio fitness comfortably and safely, there are three criteria you should consider when choosing your shoes:

- Multi-directional flexibility: allows the feet freedom of movement to perform quick steps, spins, and flexes. 

- Cushioning on the forefoot: protects your body from repetitive impact while stabilizing your balance on your supporting leg, so that you can link your movements together in a fluid manner.

- Support at the forefoot: In fitness workouts, the forefoot is the main area on which you apply pressure. Having good support here helps you keep your balance when your foot hits the ground to change directions.

Those are the 4 essentials, but you might also want to take it up a notch with some great hair accessories ;-) Consider getting a headband, for example, to enhance your look and keep your hair out of your face as you work out!

Now that you know all the secrets, you have everything you need to pick the outfit that suits you best, and shine during your next cardio fitness session ;)