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Fitness training is all-round physical training that you can do in a gym or at home and which encompasses a lot of different activities. It helps you build your stamina, tone your body and get supple thanks to strength training, stretching and pilates.


Do you remember Véronique and Davina from Gym Tonic and Toutouyoutou? Toutouyoutou was a French TV programme first broadcast in 1982 and which popularised fitness training in the country.  Fitness training took a lot of its inspiration from aerobics, which was huge in the 1970s and was based on rhythmic gymnastics. Fitness training is synonymous with being healthy and in good shape. It goes without saying that it's good for you. The aim is basically to stay in good physical shape through a combination of exercise, healthy living and a balanced diet. It's a lifestyle of its own that's based on well-being.


Some 74% of people do cardio fitness training and see it as a way of keeping fit or losing weight. As well as getting our pulses up, fitness training also strengthens the heart. “By engaging our heart we teach it to become stronger and to adapt to our exertions," says sports coach Stéphane Guéry. It doesn't matter how fit you are or your age; anyone can get into cardio fitness training. It's just a question of adapting the level and intensity to your abilities. And if you want to take care of your joints when you start out, then go for biking. When you do cardio fitness training, it improves the health of your heart and helps keep it strong. As the years go by, it's better able to cope with exercise and adapt to intense exertion when you run, swim or cycle, for example.

develop your balance and coordination

Being fit and healthy all comes down to a perfect alignment between the heart's ability to withstand effort and to your flexibility, balance and coordination.

fitness training as a way of relaxing and having time to yourself

Fitness training a great way of getting some time for yourself, having fun, and switching off from all the things life throws at you. It doesn't matter if you do it alone, with a partner or with friends, or if you go for body attack, boxing, pilates or cross training; fitness training is an opportunity to take time out and clear your head.

fitness training as a way of toning up and losing weight

Fitness training involves expending a lot of energy. Looking to tone up certain parts of your body? Want to knock off a few pesky kilos? Just want to feel refreshed and revitalised? All you need to start getting into it is a skipping rope. Alternatively, and if you really want to give it all you've got, you can get going with group classes, body attack, dance fitness or circuit training, to name just a few options. Fitness training can also mean strength training, which is a way of focusing your work on specific parts of your body. And then, of course, comes the whole panoply of fitness training equipment, such as treadmills, bikes and rowing machines. You can use them at home, which is great if you've got to look after the kids or the weather's not too great. There are lots of ways for you to get into fitness training.