No matter your cup size or age, your chest goes through a lot during a cardio workout.

Your breasts suffer a lot more impacts than during your everyday life. They experience movements and bouncing that can lead to them weighing 5 times their initial weight, depending on the intensity. Wearing a sports bra will give you the comfort and support your bust needs for doing physical activity.

We explain why it's so important to wear a sports bra during a cardio workout:

We design sports bras that will give you the comfort and support your breasts need when doing physical activities. When choosing your bra, remember that the amount of support you need depends on the activity you're doing! The more intense, repetitive impacts are involved in your activity (such as skipping), the more support you'll need! There are 3 levels of support:

Fany, a product engineer for Domyos sports bras, explains how to choose yours:

Larger busts need more support. You'll find bras in our range that have been designed to help you train safely and with confidence!

You're now armed with all the knowledge you need. All that remains is to think about colour and design, because of course you want to feel beautiful too when doing sport ;)