The benefits of cross training

Cross Training, also known as functional training, works the muscles in your whole body thanks to a variety of high intensity exercises. It's the perfect method if you want to improve strength and build muscles or you can use it in addition to your usual sport activity.

Now you know a little more about Cross Training, you're probably keen to try it out. Would you like to know what the benefits of cross training are for you? Read on to discover 5 good reasons that will make you want to try it right away.

Developing and maintaining your physical abilities

The general objective of Cross Training is to improve your ability to carry out everyday tasks. But how? By developing 10 physical abilities:


• cardiovascular and respiratory endurance

• muscular endurance

• strength

• suppleness

• speed

• agility

• coordination

• balance

• improved tone and muscle pattern


You will start to feel fitter and healthier over the course of your sessions. Carrying your shopping or your children will become easier and you'll no longer get out of breath when going up the stairs!

Length of sessions

Sessions are very short and ideal for people who have little time to devote to sport. By training for about 30 minutes 3 times per week, you'll see improvements in the cardio-respiratory system, muscle strength, loss of fat and good maintenance or an increase in muscle mass.

Varied and fun exercises

The overall objective of cross training is to become as complete as possible, which means having a balance of strength and endurance. That's why each session is different, to avoid routine. You'll never do the same session twice in a row. So you'll stay motivated and enjoy training to the full!

Developing and maintaining your physical abilities

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sports user, a typical cross training session works all your physical qualities. The method, which uses functional movements that mobilise all the muscles, is considered the most effective to achieve results quickly. Muscles are constantly and intensively working, in various ways. This means that after just a few weeks, you will feel fitter and your body will be sharper.

An individual sport within a community

One of the main strengths of Cross Training is its capacity to bring people together as a group. This is what really sets it apart from other, more traditional sports like weight training, for example. When you're in the cross training room, you're easily overwhelmed by this feeling of belonging to a community, thanks to the sharing, supportive environment. Whatever your sex or your goals, everyone is supportive and motivates one another to follow their training programme. You have your own goal, specific to you, and the others encourage you to challenge yourself and push your limits.

One last word

As you will have guessed by now, cross training is a type of functional training with many benefits: weight loss, improved physical condition, better health,...and the list goes on! So, are you tempted by Cross Training? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment at the end of the article!




Decathlon writer (communication team)

I'd been passionate about fitness (classes like step aerobics, aero boxing, Body Sculpting, functional circuit training, stretching etc.) for a long time before I got into weight training, when I was training to become a sports coach. At first I was very uncomfortable in this typically male universe, but over time I got into the spirit of it and it turned into a real love affair!


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