Why work out with the rowing machine?

The rowing machine is an effective strengthening machine that works on a large number of muscles. It is the perfect activity for strength training or burning calories.

Why should i workout with the rowing machine?

A rowing machine workout, is a complete strengthening session. It causes just as much energy to be expended as running or cycling.

For a rowing machine workout to be effective, you must choose the machine that suits you:

- Check its weight: it must be greater than your weight so that the rowing machine does not wear out prematurely
- The seat should not rub or make noise on the rail
- The movements of the monorail should be smooth.

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What are the benefits of training with a rowing machine?

A rowing machine workout works on many different muscles in a very large amplitude of movements. Combined with some cardio sessions, the rowing machine allows you to reach a good physical condition by:

- Working on endurance
- Strengthening muscles
- Promoting flexibility and agility

What kind of workout?

The rowing machine is a cardio training machine that should account for:

- Pace (strokes per minute)
- Intensity (heart rate)
- Work volume (workout time, series)
- Load (the heavier it is, the slower the pace will be)

You can begin with an aerobic session: 18 strokes per min, at 75% of your maximum heart rate, 3x5 minutes for a 30 min session.

Then do a high aerobic session: 24 strokes per min, at 85% of your maximum heart rate, 2x4 min for a 10 min session.