Which sport builds muscle?

Which sport builds muscle?

Sport strengthens muscles and helps them to develop for increasing strength or physical aesthetics. But which sports to choose for building muscle?

Exercise is good for the health, but it also can build a stronger, fuller body. If you want to learn about the best sports for building muscle, you'll find the answers you need in the rest of this article.

Swimming for an even musculature

Swimming is the ultimate sport for building muscle. This sport requires you to continuously hold yourself in the water, which involves all the muscles of the body simultaneously. So swimming develops significant muscle while greatly improving your strength and endurance. All while taking care of your back and joints. A whole host of advantages that attract a large number of athletes.

Rowing for an all-round exercise

Rowing is also a very well-rounded exercise that makes it appealing for building muscle. In addition to continuously pulling on your arms, you'll need to use your thighs to improve movement. However, rowing generates a continuous, regular movement that always uses the same force, which can make it somewhat limited when it comes to developing the muscles that aren't involved in that motion. The trick is to remember to contract your entire body to work on as many muscles as possible.

Exercise bikes, for those staying at home!

If you want to work out at home, an exercise bike could be an excellent solution. This very simple activity allows you to cover very large distances with no fear of cold or rain :). In addition, you can define a new workout programme to gain muscle at any time. Exercise bikes are entirely adjustable, which allows you to define the duration of your workout as well as the intensity and strength that you want to apply to turn the pedals. A complete thigh workout that helps gain strength, in addition to burning fat for more visible, well-sculpted muscles.

Which sport builds muscle?

Because you don't replace a winning team: weight training

What's better for building muscle than going to a dedicated workout space with dozens of machines at your disposal? Although it is important to first take the time to learn about the equipment and establish a programme, weight training allows anyone in the know to develop and work on targeted muscles.

That's how you can work on your arms and abs, as well as muscles that are harder to target such as the back, pecs, and shoulders, which are often more fragile. You'll benefit from an all-round workout that can prove very beneficial once you have a good training programme.

Which sport for a beautiful figure? fitness walking

Fitness walking strengthens the legs: the thighs and glutes are the most highly-used muscles. And if you also want to lose weight, this is an ideal sport for losing fat mass while toning your body.

In addition to losing weight and building muscle, fitness walking reduces cellulite.

Which sport strengthens the entire body?boxing

Boxing is a cardio sport that tones the entire body! Its repetitive, regular movements will naturally sculpt all your muscles. Beyond combat techniques, boxing workouts include a number of exercises for conditioning work. Squats, crunches, press-ups, jump rope... All you need for a muscular, toned body and a mind of steel. Boxing has many benefits: it develops perseverance, reflexes, speed, and physical and mental endurance.

Start boxing with the "learn about boxing" programme on the free Decathlon Coach app.

Which exercises for quickly building muscle? cross training is intensive and effective.

Cross training is known for its quick effects due to its intensity. Exercises are strung together! Rowing, jump rope, squats, burpees, battle rope, bench press... it's all about getting a strong heart and strong muscles.

And often you make a cool group of friends - just one more reason to try it! ;)

How to strengthen the glutes? which exercises?

Many sports can help strengthen the glutes, such as fitness walking, strength training, roller skating, water sports, or even basketball.
There are also many exercises where just a floor mat is enough (plus some motivation, of course): bridges, Bulgarian squats, side leg raises, hip thrusts...

How to strengthen the legs? 

Running is one of the most accessible, effective sports if you want to sculpt your legs. But that's not all! Aquabiking, power walking, cycling, squash, jump rope... The choice is yours.
If you're looking for specific fitness exercises, here are a few that can be done with or without weights depending on your goals: jump squats, wall sits, lunges, or even calf extensions.

How to strengthen the abs?

Losing the belly and strengthening the abs, a coveted quest! Oh yes, that much-loved belly is not easy to lose. The reflex is to jump to the obvious exercises: abs, "crunches"... But you need to know how to do them right for them to be really effective. The idea in toning the abs is to work the deep muscles.
Several sports can help you with that: Pilates, yoga, and strength training, as well as swimming and running, which will help you lose fat mass while gaining muscle.

No access to a gym? strength training at home is possible

With or without a machine, with accessories or using body weight, weight training can take many shapes.
If you want to adapt your home into a gym, that's possible too - read our tips in the article "interior design for easy exercises".

Our file below contains ideas for exercises by body area, strength training and circuit training programmes, how to use your accessories, how to train without equipment, and many other tips and tricks.

Which sport builds muscle?

A workout programme for muscle building?
try out the free decathlon coach app

A little helping hand? The free Decathlon Coach app provides guidance to help you meet your goals by offering adapted workouts, detailed tracking, and a voice coach to guide you during your workout. 

There is no lack of sports for building muscle. You can mix things up, choose your sport based on the muscles you want to use, and adapt your exercises to your goals (gaining strength, toning, or weight gain).

Are you tempted? The first step for toning and building muscle: get started! So, have a great workout. ;)

Which sport builds muscle?

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