What's your fitness profile?

Are you wanting to get back in shape or exercise more often, but just missing that extra little push? Maybe you haven't yet found the right fitness activity—the one that fits your personality. This short guide will help you better understand your fitness profile.

Fitness profile #1: balance

- Your objectives: stay in good health, maintain your figure.

- Your profile: you know that regular exercise is vital to staying in good health (and you're right!). But you also don't want to push too hard—you like exercising at your own pace. You like sports that help you feel good in your body; what's most important is finding the right balance in life.

- Fitness activities made for you: exercise bike, sport walking on a treadmill, Gym Ball, stretching, gentle gymnastics.

Fitness profile #2: energy

- Your objectives: release energy, burn calories, push your limits!

- Your profile: for you, exercise is vital; you always feel ready to burn off some energy and unwind. You like group sessions where you can be among friends, as well as endurance activities where you can compete against others and yourself. What's important for you is being in motion and feeling your body work hard. You want to see tangible progress from your fitness routines.

- Fitness activities made for you: indoor cardio training (exercise bike, treadmill, cross trainer), Zumba®, mini-trampoline (jump, Ubound), cycling (or spinning), le Body Boxing, Body Energy, etc.

Fitness profile #3: figure

- Your objectives: tone your body, sculpt your figure, feel good and look good.

- Your profile: you accept that each woman is different, and there's no point in trying to look like those girls in the magazines!  You want to stay true to yourself, to who you are. You want to exercise to work on your figure and feel good about yourself.  You like your shape—and you're right!

- Fitness activities made for you: cross trainer, muscle-strengthening and toning sessions (thighs-abs-glutes), floor barre classes, Pilates.

Fitness profile #4: well-being

- Your objectives: decompress, find the right balance in life.

- You're naturally inclined to stress, or, on the contrary, you're the epitome of tranquillity. You wish to live in harmony with others and yourself. You feel a genuine need to relax and adopt a positive view of life. You want to know yourself better but also learn how to let go. You want fitness activities that help you find inner peace and maintain the right body-mind-spirit balance.

- Fitness activities made for you: yoga, Body Balance, relaxation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi.

Fitness profile #5: expression

- Your objectives: express yourself, unwind.

- Your profile: You feel the need to free your energy and express your feelings.  Your artistic side has stayed with you since childhood. You like to see things through to the end; rigour is one of your qualities. You want a sport that deeply works out your muscles, while providing a feeling of well-being and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

- Fitness activities made for you: dance, in all its forms (ballet, modern jazz, hip hop, etc.), and rhythmic or artistic gymnastics.

As you can see, certain fitness activities match certain personalities better than others. Now it's up to you to make the choice that fits you best based on your fitness profile, and fully enjoy the pleasures of daily exercise!