Two is better than one

Maybe you're thinking that doing sport with your other half would be a way to spend more time doing something together?  But, is doing sport really better with your partner? Sport in a couple is a winning combination - Domyos explains why!

Sport in a couple: double the motivation!

Doing sport with your significant other is always more motivating. You're more likely to go to a fitness class when there are two of you than when you are alone. It can be tough to find the motivation to workout - and stick with it. But when the two of you follow the same fitness programme, you can provide moral support and encourage each other. It's also a great way to strengthen your relationship and have fun together.

Achieve an athletic goal together

Working out with your partner can give your couple a breath of fresh air. Winning a race or competition with your partner or reaching a common sports goal can give you a real sense of accomplishment. You give yourself new challenges and move towards a specific goal. Your figure improves, stress goes away, the tension melts... and your relationship gets better and stronger.

Get to know each other better

Sport as a couple gives you the opportunity to learn about each others' likes and to learn to accommodate each others' expectations. Perhaps dance classes for her, weight training for him. Find a common ground where each of you can do the activity you want. You could do cardio training at the gym - it's a perfect way to burn calories, improve endurance and stay in shape!
You can support each other while getting to know each other better.