starting cardio fitness

5 Tips for starting cardio fitness

Are you regularly finding yourself out of breath and want to get back in shape? Why not check out the joys of cardio fitness? Here are some tips for starting out strong!

Just to warn you, cardio fitness is a rather energetic activity, where you can work on your breath, endurance, and cardio, hence the name…
“People starting out sometimes wanting to lose weight, firm up certain parts of their body, or build strength,” notes Emilie Vandroth, Domyos cardio training coach. Cardio fitness is also an excellent way to unwind, disconnect, and take some time for yourself.
You sweat a lot and get rid of toxins! It might be a bit tough for some people at the beginning, but those who stick with it really enjoy it.


Start with exercise bikes and cross trainers

So, to start out with cardio fitness and not stop in the middle, are there any tips? “For beginners, I generally recommend working on machines, like exercise bikes or cross trainers,” continues Emilie. “Spin classes, for instance, allow you to get back in shape without impact on the body, particularly on joints, from the very beginning. By starting with 20 or 30 minutes of exercise on machines, you prepare your body more gently, without overdoing it at the start.”


Soreness and well-being

Being supported by a machine, not working immediately on a dynamic activity with jumps and combinations, will help you to (re)start exercising in a more moderate and gentle way. “You need to get your body used to exercise again, and prepare it well to prevent injuries that could occur,” emphasizes Emilie. Careful, you will certainly have some muscle soreness, it's hard to prevent that, but after 15 days/1 months, the first positive effects will start to appear… "With machines, you can work on endurance as well as more concentrated efforts, for example through interval training.”


Guidance and advice

To start out right, don't hesitate to ask a coach for some advice. Based on your goals, which should be achievable so you don't get quickly discouraged, your coach will help orient your workouts. “You need guidance when starting or restarting a sport,” asserts Emilie. “Your instructor will listen to you, consider your goals, and recommend exercises of various durations and intensities. They'll motivate you without cracking the whip!” Setting goals for yourself is important: it'll allow you to observe your progress and celebrate your results.


Equipment and friends

To start out right, and because you should know how to have fun, buy an outfit that is comfortable and that you like. “A good sports bra and good shoes are essential,” notes Emilie. Have fun, now's the time! Then, for more solidarity in your workout, try to motivate yourself with a group. “Exercising together, as a couple or with friends, keeps you engaged and helps you to keep going, even if it's hard to get started,” points out Emilie. “Athletes can support each other.” To get started, set up regular meet-ups and a workout routine. And try to stick to it!

Here are some tips and tricks for starting out strong. We hope they'll help you get a great start!

What are your tips for getting hooked on cardio fitness? Your experiences and stories are welcome…