The stepper erases cellulite

Compact and easy-to-use cardio training equipment, the stepper acts effectively against fat. Result: erased cellulite. Domyos, your fitness partner, offers you its anti-cellulite programme.

Fight cellulite with sports

Cellulite is fat cells which are deposited under the skin, giving it a dimpled appearance. Well known by women, it comes from hormone problems such as water retention and circulation issues. To fight it: adopt a healthier lifestyle and practice an endurance sport.

Regularly practising an athletic activity reduces your body fat, particularly with endurance sports.
The longer your workout is, the more your body will look for energy in stored fat, thus decreasing the fatty cells that cause cellulite.

Why use the stepper?

With the stepper, you can climb steps infinitely, or almost. You exert an endurance effort.

The stepper targets its activity on the legs and glutes. At least, to affect the glutes, you should adopt a sustained walking pace. After long, regular sessions, the stepper erases the cellulite from your thighs, as well as your glutes.

Combine stepper sessions with a healthy diet

It is recommended to combine this practice with a healthy diet. Avoid foods that are too rich in sugar or fats, and prefer meat, fish, vegetables and grains. Finally, consider hydrating well (up to two litres per day).