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The benefits of the rowing machine

Often neglected and under-used in the gym, the rowing machine can benefit your physical health in many ways. Why do you need to use one? Read on and find out!

You might well be asking yourself what a rowing machine can do for you. Just what is it that makes this piece of gym equipment so good for your health and what does it have to offer in comparison to treadmills, exercise bikes and cross trainers? In answer to that question, here are my five main reasons why you should get on a rowing machine!

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Something for everyone

It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an elite sportsperson: indoor rowing is a sport suitable for all body types and all levels of fitness. Whatever your age and gender, indoor rowing is for you.

The risk of picking up an injury on a rowing machine is pretty low, though if you have tendinitis it's best not to use one.

You can adjust the resistance settings in line with your fitness levels and objectives. If you are looking to tone your body, lose weight or get competition-ready, then it's the ideal piece of equipment, for athletes of all levels.

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Work on all your muscles

The rowing machine is a complete piece of equipment that provides you with a cardio workout and works every muscle in your body. Not bad for just one machine! And it means you save on space too!

Need to build up your stamina? Looking to bulk up? Those are good goals to have. We often think about muscles in a purely aesthetic way, but there is a lot more to them than that. Working on your muscle mass is essential for the following reasons:

- It improves your posture 

- It reduces the risk of chronic joint pain

- It strengthens your skeleton

- It increases your basal metabolism and your daily calorie intake.

Indoor rowing has similar benefits to swimming. It makes use of no less than 90% of the body's muscles, a much higher figure than cycling or jogging can manage.

The upper body, abdominals and lower body all get a workout. Unlike weight training, the lack of a load to lift allows muscles to be strengthened and toned without bulking up.

If you're a swimmer, then the rowing machine is ideal for you. It really complements your sport and allows you to work on your physical fitness.

DOMYOS 500 rowing machine

Move without straining your joints

Rowing machines offer friction-free resistance from a seated position, enabling you to work out and get a sweat on without putting any stress on your joints.

If your knees, hips or ankles are sensitive to pain and you're keen to avoid any kind of impact on your joints, then the rowing machine is your ideal partner for a pain- and impact-free workout. The risk of picking up an injury is minimal. But don't worry: you'll still feel like you're working hard!

DOMYOS 500 rowing machine

Rowing to lose weight

Indoor rowing works the heart and builds up muscles, which makes it ideal for any weight-loss programme. 

It provides a cardio workout that burns off calories in number, while also shaping muscles and increasing basal metabolism. 

“Basal metabolism, you say?” Yes, that's right! Basal metabolism is the number of calories your body needs to keep functioning at rest. The higher your basal metabolism, the higher the number of calories you need to keep functioning. You also need extra calories to compensate for any physical activity you engage in. 

So as you can see, losing weight, working on your cardio and building up your muscles are all interconnected. It's just as well then that working out on a rowing machine allows you to burn calories during and after your session.

However, don't forget to eat healthily, have a balanced diet and take on lots of fluid to flush out toxins.


Get the better of cellulite

Indoor rowing is a sport that burns up a lot of energy. In fact, it burns up twice as much as running, cycling and aquafitness. Practised with a certain amount of intensity, indoor rowing helps burn off fat. It makes use of all the muscles in the body, which makes it more effective than most activities in getting rid of fatty deposits and tackling cellulite. In working on as many muscles as possible, it significantly aids the removal of lipids from the body during and especially after sessions, and helps keep fat off thanks to basal metabolism.

Eating healthily is also important, however, in achieving significant results. A good cellulite massage can also be very effective.

Preventing and relieving back pain

Indoor rowing can build up upper back and lumbar muscles and help prevent back pain caused by muscles that are underworked and weak, often as a result of office work or being seated for too long, etc.

You now know the advantages of using a rowing machine on a regular basis. So hop on one and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.