Stretch Canvas Split-Sole Demi-Pointe Ballet Shoes Size 7.5 to 8 - Black

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Key feature
Are you looking for demi-pointe shoes that highlight the lines of the foot? Stretch fabric perfectly fits the foot and arch. Plus: the elastics are pre-stitched.


The split sole and stretchy fabric allow full foot movement
Ease of use
The adjustable elastic straps stitched across the shoe highlight the instep.
The drawstring can be adjusted for a better fit.
The stretch canvas is made with elastane to better fit the foot.
The inner lining and elastic straps offer added comfort.


Upper of : 71.0% Cotton, Upper of : 23.0% Polyamide, Upper of : 6.0% Elasthane Lining and sock of : 50.0% Leather - Pig - Split, Lining and sock of : 40.0% Polyamide 6, Lining and sock of : 10.0% Elasthane Outer sole of : 100.0% Leather - Bovine - Split
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Co-creation of our products is extremely important to us. That's why we developed and tested our demi-pointe shoes in collaboration with our partner ballet dance instructors and professional dancers. Decathlon employees who are passionate about and teach dance are also involved in our product design and testing phases.
2 years


Why wear split-sole demi-pointe shoes?
The split sole canvas demi-pointe shoes are designed for intermediate and advanced dancers who have a good mastery of ballet technique. The split sole makes them more flexible along the arch for proper foot movement. The stretchy fabric enhances the lines of the foot and instep. Get your teacher's recommendations before purchasing your dance shoes.
Why choose stretch demi-pointe shoes?
If you're looking for supple demi-pointe shoes that fit the shape of your foot, opt for those in stretch canvas. This stretchy fabric allows for proper foot movement and highlights the instep. The stretch canvas split-sole demi-pointe shoes can be washed by hand and should be line dried. The split soles are made of leather for durability.
What are the drawstrings for?
We listened to your feedback: These shoes once again feature a drawstring to help you get a better fit in the width of the shoe. Don't forget to tie and cut this drawstring once you get the fit you want. You should then slip the end inside the slippers each time you wear them. Clever tip: You can also attach it to the inside of the upper with a piece of medical tape.
Are there different ballet shoes for men, women, boys and girls?
Kids and adults should choose their demi-pointe shoes according to their skill level. In general, beginners start with full-sole demi-pointe shoes before switching to split-sole demi-pointes. The difference between girls'/women's and boys'/men's is the colours. Pink and salmon options are recommended for female dancers while white and black are recommended for male dancers.
Choosing the right size
To choose your size of ballet demi-pointes, you should stand with your feet together or in first position and do a few relevés. While doing this movement, you should feel that your toes are supported and spread in the demi-pointe without being squeezed or curled. For split-sole canvas demi-pointes, we recommend choosing your usual shoe size if you aren't able to try them on.
That little extra for carrying your shoes?
To organise all your ballet accessories, you'll find an elegant sparkly black pouch in your local Decathlon dance department. It has two compartments for keeping your dance shoes separated from your other accessories, such as your bun kit, rosin and plasters.

Users reviews

3.86 / 5 21 Reviews
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    14 August 2019
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    Schönes Material

    Der Schuh bietet durch die geteilte Sohle und das stretchmaterial eine hohe Flexibilität, durch die Passform werden die Zehen gut gestützt. Auch rein optisch sagt mir der Schuh zu und ist von der Idee nicht schlechter als ein höherpreisiges Modell, dass ich besitze. Allerdings sind an vielen Stellen an den Sohlen Klebereste, was sich ein bisschen unschön anfühlt. Wegen dieser schlechten Verarbeitung, einen Stern weniger.

  • 04 January 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Perfectas y suabes

    Su tejido elastico las hacen comodas y ligeras.
    Muy buenas

  • 21 October 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Dommage qu'il n'y ait…

    Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas davantage de choix d'équipement danse pour garçon... c'est très limité pour eux ! Exemple demi pointe noire cuir taille 43 (14 ans)