Playing games or sport with your colleagues at work: what should you choose?

Playing games or sport with your colleagues at work: what should you choose?

Discover which sport to put in place with your team or in your company for taking the most advantage of its benefits.

Sport is a real plus for the working environment. In particular, it helps when faced with anxiety, depression, and burnout. A growing number of managers and company bosses are deciding to encourage sport for those working in the organisation as a means of improving individuals' physical and mental health. But what disciplines should one choose? We'll give you a few ideas.

Why should you consider doing some physical activity at work?

It might seem obvious that an employee's health is an important factor in the effective workings of an organisation/company, but it is often underestimated. Health and well-being are fundamental requirements for good performance and productivity. Sport within the organisation is one of those key elements which help improve physical health and keep morale at a high level.

So if you are an active and sports-minded employee, you can benefit from several real advantages - improvement in, your concentration and sleep patterns, reduced stress and tiredness, help in combating cardiovascular diseases and reducing the risks of certain cancers. Regular and varied physical activity or sports contribute to an enjoyable working environment and a feeling of well-being.

Apart from the physical aspect, there is a social benefit linked to playing some sport within the company - it can put an end to isolation and help with integration.According to a goodwill-management survey, it is possible to see a 30 to 40% reduction in employee turnover and absenteeism.

Playing games or sport with your colleagues at work: what should you choose?

How and why practise some sport within a company.

For a winning team: choose a well-defined activity which everyone can enjoy!

How best to kick off some physical activities at work?

If you want to encourage your employees to get involved in physical activities, you could arrange sporting contests on a weekly or monthly basis for those who wish to sign up. Organising sporting events or competitions can galvanise employees and strengthen team spirit. Carry out a survey among your employees to find out what sports or physical activities they would like. What is the best time to do this? Why not hand out a challenge?

A well-prepared project is the one with the greatest chance of success! (and it's a very well-organised person that says that! ;)) An employee survey is a useful means of understanding what people would like to try. You could also set up a sports program and provide a coach for several disciplines something that could encourage employees to enrol.

The physical activities in which you can participate with your colleagues

There are many activities that can be organised within a company. And everyone can be involved, whether it's a team sport or an individual activity.
Team sports are great for strengthening team spirit and helping employees adopt the company's values - its DNA. Certain companies are even opening sports halls within their own premises. Here are some ideas for sports or activities to try:

- Ball games such as football and basketball are sure favourites. Many employees sign up for internal tournaments both for enjoyment and for keeping their fitness levels. Petanque is also very popular. This is an ideal activity for developing team spirit and mutual understanding.
- Racket sports such as badminton, squash and tennis are well recognised as being particularly relaxing.They also help tone many of the body's muscles and focus concentration.
- For feeling at ease with one's body, yoga and Zumba are highly recommended.In recent years these activities have really grown in popularity. They are ideal for relaxing after a hard day's work.
- Fitness walking, jogging, road or cross-country running are all popular and often chosen for their simplicity. You do these on your own, there is no need for specific equipment and they can be performed at any time of the day or night. You just need suitable footwear. You can do this on arrival at work, during the lunch break, or when your day's work has finished. There are numerous benefits from such activity, i.e.: losing weight, less stress, improved stamina and blood circulation, greater concentration capabilities and a well-tuned body

Ideas for some office sport:

Do you find it difficult to be motivated for sport after a hard day's work or even during the working day? Are you fed up with sitting at your desk all day long? So what about doing some exercises at your workplace right where you do your work? See what you can do without leaving your desk - either discreetly or not!

Now that you have assimilated some key ideas for encouraging physical activities within your team or your company, take the initiative and help everybody benefit from them at work!

Playing games or sport with your colleagues at work: what should you choose?

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