training with a mat

Pilates training with a mat

Pilates is a "well-being" sport based on strengthening your deep muscles. You will often be seated or lying down during exercises. So your mat will become your greatest ally for comfort!

Pilates is a muscle strengthening sport that combines form and relaxation. It is primarily done on the ground. To train in complete comfort, it is highly recommended that you get set up on a good mat.

training with a mat

Mats: your companion for comfort and peace of mind

Your abs, glutes, and back muscles are used in most Pilates exercises. You also need to maintain a good posture during your entire workout. Your mat will save your back and joints by cushioning from impacts, guaranteeing comfort and peace of mind.

What size, thickness, and durability should you choose for your mat? 

To choose the right mat, consider these attributes: the size, thickness, and resistance to wear.


To avoid doing part of your exercises on the ground, choose a mat that is larger than you are.


The thickness of your mat is essential: 10 millimetres or more! They are soft feeling and flexible, since they are made of foam. A thick Pilates mat protects you from the heat, coolness, or dampness of the ground. Exercises lying down will be more comfortable, and the mat will absorb your movements to protect your joints from injury.

Resistance to wear

Your mat is an essential part of Pilates, you will use it a lot: so above all, choose a mat that can withstand repeated exercises!

Don't forget that Pilates is done barefoot, so opt for non-slip materials to prevent you from sliding.

Pilates vs. yoga mats

For Pilates, you need to be comfortable and insulated from the floor. For yoga, on the other hand, while you still need a thick mat, the most important thing is grip for balancing poses.

Maintaining your mat  

From a hygiene perspective, remember to clean your mat regularly. Use a damp cloth with a bit of white vinegar.




Storing your mat  

To prevent your mat from losing its shape after use, roll it up and don't put anything on top of it.

You're now ready to start a session of Mat Pilates. Have fun discovering Pilates and take care of yourself!

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“A Pilates practitioner for the past year, I am fully aware of the extent of its daily benefits for my body and mind: improved posture, less back pain, greater flexibility, toned core, a feeling of well-being... today, I can't live without it!”

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