Pilates accessories

Pilates is one of the most famous muscle strengthening methods. During Pilates, you will probably learn about and use several accessories or small pieces of equipment: mat, gym ball called a Swiss Ball... What are they? and what are they for? We'll decode a few of them!

what accessories do you need to do it?

Improving your core strength, gaining flexibility and balance, improving your posture... All these benefits contribute to our daily well-being! Accessories make your movements more effective and provide a very significant recreational side to your workout.

Pilates mat

Mats, a Pilates essential!

A Pilates mat is the basic item you need for this sport! Thanks to your mat, you will be fully safe and comfortable performing a number of exercises and poses while seated or lying down!

Benefits from the Pilates team: The softness of the mat allows you to work on balance and strengthen your deep muscles using your core! Use it as a first level of instability by raising one leg and closing your eyes ;)

Budget? Comfort mats start at €15

Swiss Balls, focus on the ultimate versatile accessory! 

The concept of the Swiss ball is to make your exercises even more effective by creating instability. To keep your balance, you have to redouble your efforts by contracting your muscles more. Impressively effective!

Benefits from the Pilates team: Seated on your Swiss ball, you naturally adopt a good posture and support your back. Bring it to your office and make it your office chair!

Budget? Starting at €8


The Ergo 100, an innovation for exercising without neck tension

Who hasn't ever felt painful neck tension during a workout? To prevent unpleasant pain, we created an innovative, clever accessory to cut neck pain in half by creating a good head-neck alignment! 

Benefits from the Pilates team: We designed this accessory to make core strength work accessible to EVERYONE. No more neck injuries!

Budget? €15

Now you know all about training with Pilates accessories. Have fun learning, and take care of yourself!




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