Nine essentials to prepare for competition day

After months of training, the big day is finally here and you're about to show what you've got on the mat. Wondering how to prep your bag to make sure you don't forget anything for your competition?

First things first: know that packing your bag should be considered as its own process, because the stress of an upcoming competition can make you forget things. You should pack your bag the night before and never on the day itself. Here are all the essentials you should make sure you have:

1. The bag

You need to choose a bag that's big enough to hold all your equipment. A uniform takes up a lot of space, so a basic backpack will not do the trick. A judo bag is often heavy, and more and more bags have wheels or are convertible to be worn as a backpack.

2. Uniform (judogi)

You can't compete without your uniform, so you'll want to make sure your jacket and bottoms are in your bag. Judokas should have two uniforms with them when they go to a competition to have a spare in case they bleed. It is forbidden to compete with a stained or torn uniform.

3. Belt (obi)

Remember to take your judo belt, and if necessary, a red belt you can put on if you are the first person called to the table at the start of your fight. This also lets the judges tell you apart from your opponent.

4. Female judokas

If you're a female Judoka, the T-shirt you wear under your jacket must be entirely white. Your sports bra and hair elastic must not have any wiring or metal tips. Remember to take off any jewellery to keep from injuring yourself or your opponent.

5. Sandals (zoris)

Although you compete barefoot, you'll need a pair of sandals to get around the different fight zones. This will keep your feet clean before getting on the mat.

6 - Passport

A judo passport is your key to being able to compete. Your passport needs to be up to date and include a photo, validation of your levels and licences and that show you are licensed in your home country. It should also have a stamp from your doctor that shows you are fit to practise judo. It must be stamped by your local judo association.

Without a passport, you cannot take part in an official competition.


7 - A few grams over

It's the morning of your competition and maybe you're still just a few grams over your weight category? Remember to pack running clothes to go for a run before weigh-in and be sure not to sweat in your uniform. There is often an unofficial weigh-in to let you check your weight.

8 - Eating and drinking properly

It is important to make sure you have something to eat and drink before your fight. Don't forget to bring a bottle of water and remember to add a personal touch - all bottles look the same beside the mat. Also bring along some cereal bars, dried fruit and nuts or compote pouches for an energy boost after weigh-in.

9 - Showering

You'll want to remember to take everything you need for a post-fight shower (towel, shower gel and a change of clothing). Avoid staying in your uniform because you're likely to catch cold.

You're all set to compete: STRENGTH & HONOUR!!!

Laura_Ambassadrice OUTSHOCK