New year's resolutions: taking up boxing

Does getting into boxing seem like a good New Year's resolution? We reveal how to get started... and how to keep it up!

What New Year's resolutions did you make for 2019? If sport, and boxing in particular, were on your list of projects for the start of the year, we've got some tips that are right up your street! What with your goals and questions when you first get started, the numerous things you'll discover during your first lessons, and the challenge of staying motivated over the weeks to come, there's plenty to get your head around.

So follow our guide to help you get started and keep it up!

Discovering boxing: stereotypes and first impressions

Taking up boxing isn't as easy as taking up any other sport. Even in the world of combat sports, it has quite a reputation.


So let's start with that! If you've never been into a boxing gym, you often have this image in your head of a rough-and-tumble sport that draws blood, sweat and tears. And of course, there's no shortage of tributes to this sport on the silver screen. But once you get into your first training session, you soon realise that boxing is as much about feinting and dodging as it is about punching.

And before you even consider stepping into the ring, you need to spend time learning your limits, setting your goals, and taking on the advice you're given so that you can progress.


However, there's an aspect of boxing that's all too real: you're going to sweat! Want to know something else? You need to learn humility and respect for your opponents. Discovering your limits and how to push them is one of the numerous advantages! And that's true for all kinds of boxing.



We hear from camille, outshock ambassador and boxing champion

Camille started boxing 5 years ago and has never looked back. As a Savate boxing champion and coach, Camille is well placed to give you some advice! 

What has Savate boxing brought to your daily life?~I'd say it has really shaped my character. Because of boxing I'm a fighter, I'm a competitor, and I never drop my guard.~It helped me to grow and negotiate my teenage years more easily. [...] It's really helped my day-to-day life. When faced with a problem or obstacle, you've always got a choice of how to react.

If someone wanted to start competing, what advice would you give them?~First of all, the most important thing is to have fun! [...] If you're unsure or scared of getting hit, remember that you can always opt for sparring if you like. With touch sparring you aren't allowed to kick or punch with power, just touch your opponent, otherwise you get penalised. You don't have to do real fights if you don't want to.


What about starting with cardio boxing?

Cardio boxing? Yep! If you're not sure which kind of boxing to do or if you want to try first, remember that there are several kinds of boxing to choose from. From styles where you can both punch and kick (Savate, kickboxing, etc.) to punching-only variants (boxing), ones where you can hit the entire body or only above the belt, and styles that include clinches (Muay Thai), there's only one thing for it: shop around!


But if there's one thing that doesn't vary, it's the level of intensity! Whatever kind of boxing you do, the level of cardio and muscle workout you get is something that plenty of other sports lack. What's more, clubs are increasingly offering fitness classes based on boxing training. It's known as cardio boxing.


Whether you want to train your endurance as a complement to other combat sports, discover boxing in a friendly, pressure-free way, or spice up your fitness training, cardio boxing is a great way of kicking off your year and venturing into the world of combat sports.


Interested? Read about one of our training sessions at the Domyos Club in Marcq-en-Baroeul, France.

New year's resolutions: have a bash at cardio boxing

Let's head over to the boxing gym to hear from Ewa, Digital Leader and Product Manager at Outshock and a keen combat sport enthusiast:


“I've been cardio boxing for a long time. And I've even managed to convince some of my friends to give it a go. They definitely had some preconceptions about boxing but, after just one lesson, they were totally hooked. When you see people do it you think, "That's easy, you're just punching thin air". But in fact, you're doing 10 or 20 reps on one leg, then you change leg... The intensity builds fast. And with the music, it's really good fun!”


New year, new sport! And the first thing you notice is that good resolutions are contagious: the queues at the gym entrance are much longer than normal. Outside the studio, the regulars are catching up with each other and looking forward to a year full of challenges. The yoga class finishes and the studio empties... Time for a change of atmosphere!


Your first impression is that hanging up punching bags is a warm-up in itself! Then you notice the people who didn't wait for the start of the year to get into cardio boxing. Maybe it's the protective bandages under their gloves, the foot guards, the leggings or the fitted shorts, but somehow you get the feeling this is going to be easier for some of the class than for others.


But how do you really get your blood pumping? With music! The class starts with a cardio then a muscle warm-up to an R&B soundtrack with the bass cranked right up. It feels like a workout in itself but, according to the coach, it's still only 3 out of 10. The class ranges from people having a natter and joking around all through the warm-up to others who are already working up a sweat. You realise that the New Year's resolutions aren't all progressing at the same pace!


Some people are there to work up a sweat and train their explosiveness, while others focus on their movements on the punching bag, and after an hour of intense and incredibly dynamic training, everyone comes away with a smile on their face. Time for a well-deserved round of applause, a bit of stretching, and taking down the punching bags!

One month later

Although you get an instant rush, it's also true that resolutions are easier to make than to keep. So take the opportunity at the end of the class to have a quick chat with the coach.


“You definitely get the New Year's resolution effect at the start of the year. Classes are fuller and the gym is busier. In general, the effect wears off about 6 to 8 weeks later and attendance levels off for the rest of the year.”


So how do you stay motivated at the start of the year and enjoy the rush of your first few classes? We've got a few tips to help you keep up the momentum:


Have fun! Probably the most important bit of advice. Your results will come in the long term, so having fun during and after your class will be your first reward. Find a class that you like, make some friends and let your hair down!


Stay on track! Setting goals that are too ambitious or demanding risks turning something that should be relaxing into a slog. On the other hand, choosing an activity that's within reach will help you track your progress with each session.


Take your time! Short, regular sessions will have more of an effect than long, spaced-out sessions. So to keep up the pace, try scheduling your workouts into your diary!


Ready to rumble? Got your favourite sport for 2019 and determined not to give it up? Then check out our tips on sticking to your sporty New Year's resolutions:

New Year's resolutions: taking up boxing

So where are you one month after setting your resolutions? If you liked this article and you've got some tips for taking up boxing, share them with us!

Ewa_ambassadrice OUTSHOCK


Combat sports enthusiast

Have fun!

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