doing sport cash-strapped

How to do sport when you are cash-strapped?

Would you like to do sport but are a little cash-strapped? Rest assured, it's perfectly possible to do a sports activity without having a bulging wallet!

You would like to treat yourself to a sports activity but you are a bit hard up at the moment? Well, you'll be happy to know that being pressed for money and physical activity are far from incompatible. It all depends on what you want to do, but in most cases, alternatives and solutions exist.

The beauty of sport is that it is about surpassing yourself and others when setting yourself challenging and competing against others. It should never be a question of means.There are sports you can do every day by yourself or among friends, which do not require a huge investment. If you are not doing a sport at competition level, you don't have to get a membership or sign up to a club to exert yourself and have fun. There are plenty of freely accessible activities you can do solo: fitness walking and running are sports you can do virtually anywhere and with very little means. If the area you live in permits it, this is also true of walking! 

doing sport when cash-strapped

Sports meet up

Today, thanks in particular to social networks, it's easier for certain amateur sports associations to organise meet-ups to go for group runs, fitness walks and even inline skating. It's very often an inexpensive (generally the price of membership, if that!) to meet new people and share a moment to exert yourselves all together. Find out more on the internet or from the sports service in your town hall, which sometimes support these associations and that know them well...

Team sports: you don't need a penny, all you need is your friends!

On the team sports front, yet again, there is plenty to choose from—you'll need however a few friends to play: apart from football, which you can play in the park, on the beach or any playing surface outdoors that is just about flat, it is generally easy to find sports facilities made available to users by local authorities.Maybe you are more into racket sports? If you do a few searches on the internet: you are bound to find a sports association with badminton fans, providing access to courts at an extremely accessible price. The racket can be borrowed, knowing that entry price rackets are really affordable. The same thing goes for table tennis.

doing sport when cash-strapped

Get active at home free of charge

You can also burn off quite a few calories at home without burning a hole in your wallet. Forget about a cardio type apparatus such as a treadmill or a cross trainer and just get yourself a good yoga mat: thanks to plenty of videos available on the Internet—and enjoyable sessions on offer from Domyos coaches—you can quite easily get access to actual yoga classes teaching moves and postures. The same applies if you want to do cardio training work: plenty of workouts are available on the internet, helping you to get active from the comfort of your sitting room. All you need is a good Internet connection, a pair of shorts and a breathable t-shirt (let your feet breath)!

The joys of doing sport outdoors

If you only do sports outdoors, then feel free to take your gym mat to the park and do a few exercises: a welcome break in the middle of your fitness walk! Lots of local authorities have put in place free fitness and sports circuits that let you break up walks with a range of activities, generally in a natural setting or an urban park. Feel free to find out if there is one close by, which you can benefit from! If you want to make the most of the stadium near to your home and go running on its athletics track, contact the local council: they are generally in charge of organising rules for access, giving priority to schools…

doing sport when cash-strapped

Compare prices!

And let's be honest, certain associations offer membership at highly affordable prices, letting you take regular classes: feel free to find out more, search the internet and look around to compare. Plenty of them are doing it not for profit but only want to bring a bit life to the area and bring together enthusiasts! If you are keen on swimming, the same applies to swimming pools: shop around. All pools do not have the same entrance fees and sometimes offer inexpensive subscriptions. It's up to you to work it out: if you go twice a week or several times a month, it might be worth getting a subscription!

Some local authorities also offer to often pay for a part of a child's membership to a club or association. Make a quick call to your town hall, and it can sometimes actually help you out. Take the opportunity to find out about the terms for getting access to all sports facilities in your town. This will no doubt give you a few ideas to do sport at a reduced cost!

Opt for affordably priced equipment!

If you don't need the latest pair of fashionable trainers for running, you can curb your spending on equipment: entry price products do not mean lesser quality and by getting advice from professionals in store, you are bound to find an array of products without breaking the bank. If you are a cycling fan or you want to find other equipment necessary for certain sports, don't hesitate to go to car boot sales, swap shops or contact certain associations that repair at unbeatable prices. 

Even if your finances are in the red, there is no way you should deprive yourself of doing a sports activity: it is quite possible to keep active on your own or with others without ruining yourself. Without a doubt being resourceful, finding good deals will get you far. Don't hesitate to use the internet and your contacts to find what you are looking for!

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