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How to burn calories easily 

Want to (or need to) lose weight? Is it even possible to burn calories easily?
Yes, it is! We explain how.

Do your goals include burning calories and losing weight easily? Good news! We have a solution for you that has only two conditions: a suitable workout regime, and a "fat-burning" diet.

Sound motivating? So, how to work out? What to eat? Read on and find out!

What type of training should do you to burn calories easily?

What type? How many times per week? At what intensity level?

To burn calories, you have to exert your body through some type of physical activity or sport. Your muscles and your heart need energy to do a fitness course, weight-lifting session, power walk, or yoga class. In short, whatever sport you choose, the simple fact of adding a sport to your daily routine will cause you to burn more calories.


Yes, it'll be easier and faster if you do a cardio routine. Your muscles will be exerted and demand that your heart beat faster, raising your heart rate. To meet this demand, your body will first burn the sugar that's available in your body. Once this sugar has been used up, the body starts to consume the fats stored in its adipose (fatty) cells. Bingo! Those are the ones we want to see disappear!

Under what conditions?

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This is your key to success! We recommend 2 to 3 times a week, every week, until you've reached your goal. Your motivation level will be at its highest when you begin, but it's normal to experience dips in motivation as the weeks go by. So you might find once or twice a week to be a little easier to fit into your schedule. Set reasonable expectations that you can meet over the long term.


Join a group cardio class, or work out on a bike, rowing machine, cross-trainer, or a treadmill (running or walking). Whatever it is, it's easier to burn calories when you're enjoying it. If you have fun, you'll train better! When working out in a group, the energy of the group, the coach, and the music, helps us train better and therefore burn calories more easily.

Aerobic workout

This means between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). To calculate this, simply subtract your age from 220 (for men) or 226 (for women, whose heart rate is slightly faster than men).

45 Minutes

That's the average recommended workout duration (at low intensity if you're just starting out). Increase your workout intensity over time. If you stick to this regularly, you'll make progress.

Diet: some ground rules for burning fat

Food is fuel for our body. What you eat determines your fitness level, your sport performance, your sleep, your recovery times, your health, and your weight.

No "miracle" product here, just some sound advice.


domyos fitness cardio

Starches give you energy

Eating quality carbohydrates at each meal will help you avoid getting hit with tiredness mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Try to eat carbohydrates with a low glycemic index such as whole pasta, whole rice or basmati rice, lentils, split peas, whole-wheat bread, etc.

Drink 1.5 l of water per day

To flush out toxins and fats from your body, you must drink water! Flushing your body helps its function better and reduces the fatty mass found in adipose cells. Drink another litre of water per hour of cardio sport you do.

Avoid saturated fats

These are primarily found in red meat, cold cuts and pre-packaged meals. Increase your intake of omega-3 from fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon, tuna), and vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil or flaxseed oil.

Avoid snacking

The usual recommendation is 3 meals a day, plus one small snack in the morning and one snack in the afternoon, such as a square of dark chocolate or a few almonds.

Fruit, in moderation

Eat a maximum of two pieces of fruit a day. Yes, they do provide vitamins and mineral salts, as do vegetables, but they are also rich in sugars.

As many vegetables as you want

Eat vegetables with every meal, either raw or cooked. Their fibre content makes you feel full and helps keep you from snacking. They also play an important role in the body's digestive and elimination functions, which are critical to losing weight.

Avoid refined sugar

These increase insulin spikes which contribute to an increase of fatty matter. Say goodbye to candies and store-bought cakes and pastries! Stick to almonds, nuts, or dark chocolate.

Protein at every meal

Either animal or vegetable protein will do! These help your body maintain its strength and muscle tone.

Here's another tip: get organized! Plan your meals, prepare your menus, and shop for what you need based on your plan. Lastly, write down what you eat every day. This will help you stay aware of your diet and adjust it if needed.

To burn more calories easily, you need to do a cardio fitness workout 2 or 3 times a week, plus eat a healthy diet! With that, you will quickly see some results. Guaranteed!

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