Goal: lose weight with step!

Just like every year, we find ourselves thinking about the next vacation and imagining ourselves slim and comfortable with our body in time for summer… Do you have a weight-loss goal in mind? Look no further! For a beautiful figure, step is the athletic activity that will help you achieve your goals quickly while having fun and in a minimum amount of time!

What is step?

Created in the United States in 1986, step has never stopped winning people over! Since its launch, it continues to invade gyms where ever since, some people swear by it! Step has become one of the most popular cardio training classes, particularly for those who want to slim down to music.

The star fitness discipline, step's only accessory is a step; you can change the height of the platform to vary the intensity of the exercise. It offers a super-fun workout programme around a choreography that involves a variety of different steps, all to an upbeat soundtrack! Step is a very dynamic activity that requires lots of energy. Led by the rhythm and the good atmosphere of the group, everyone easily catches onto the steps and moves freely while working out.

Step by step, i am burning calories!

You are obsessed with your weight and this time you want to slim down while enjoying yourself? Forget diets! Losing weight will be no secret for you with step. Requiring a large energy expenditure, practising step allows you to call upon not only all your muscles, but also the cardiovascular system at a fairly intense rhythm. Result: you burn fat in record time (around 500 calories per hour).

Lose weight, but not only that…

Perfect for slimming down, step also offers a complete workout. It has many benefits and will convince you in no time! Discover them…

Provide yourself with complete muscle strengthening! Stepping on and off the step ensures effective strengthening of lower and upper limbs. Each session mainly works on the thigh and calf muscles, thanks to lunges, knee bends, and small impulses. The higher the level, the more impact on the ground and the stronger the body gets. If you want to slim your lower body, it is better not to raise your step. On the other hand, if you want to gain muscle, set the step to the highest level. The arms work in coordination with the rest of the body, and they contribute to each movement. This way, they are toned and never stay still.

Thanks to step, you improve your coordination and work on your posture... for a beautiful look! All of the step choreographies require you to synchronise your upper and lower body to correctly execute the movements. Your concentration is at its maximum in order to follow the rhythm harmoniously and to coordinate your whole body.

Just like all other cardio training activities, regularly practising step is excellent for reinforcing endurance. The cardiovascular system is called upon with a sustained rhythm: your breathing is permanently improved and you stay in good physical condition.

Who is it for?

Step is a fitness activity accessible to a large number of people. It is suited to those who want to keep in shape, firm their body and slim their silhouette.

What happens in a session

A step class lasts for an average of 30 or 45 minutes depending on the level of the participants. It begins with a series of warm-ups to condition the body and avoid risks of injury to the ankles or knees. Then, in a joyous atmosphere and with upbeat rhythms, the movements that form the choreography are strung together. The exercises are punctuated by recovery periods. At the end of the session, a few minutes of stretching are necessary to avoid cramps and aching.

A few tips for good training

Before anything else, equip yourself with adequate shoes which will ensure good ankle support. During the session, be sure to adjust your step to the right height based upon your level and to place it correctly in front of you. Drink a lot of water during recovery periods. Respect your own level without trying to force it: your body and your heart should be treated with care, follow the advice of the coaches! Last word of advice: listen to your body and pick up your feet high enough so that you do not butt against the step and risk falling.

So, ready to lose weight and maintain your physical condition by practising at home or by sharing a good time with friends? Refuel your good mood to stay in shape and lose weight quickly with step.