Four reasons to try out biking

What are the benefits of biking, the fashionable indoor cycling exercise? Here are three good reasons to start biking.

Biking: what is it?

Biking or RPM is a group indoor cycling activity using fixed exercise bike, and all to music. Supervised by an instructor, the exercises improve your cardio-respiratory resistance and build up your muscles, especially in the lower body. The intensity of the exercises varies in order to simulate a particular cycling route. Biking is an excellent way to train in readiness for a cycling trip or hiking, and a good way to quickly lose weight. The sessions do not involve any technical movements of particular motor-related difficulties. It does not impact the bones or joints, which means that even people with bad backs can try out biking.

Biking sessions

A biking session lasts between 30 and 80 minutes. The exercise consists of pedalling in time to rousing music that paces the intensity of the effort. The exercise is based on different positions and working rhythms. Your heartbeat increases in the sprint phases, which are separated by phases of active recovery. The session imitates cycling uphill and downhill and flat stretches, so it feels like you are riding a real bike on the road. Biking is a simple and effective sport that only involves one essential adjustment: the resistance, which can be set by turning a knob so that pedalling becomes easier or harder. The resistance can be set individually so that everyone can control the intensity of their effort, depending on how fit they are.

Why take up biking?

Biking is a complete course of exercises that are ideally suited to getting fit or improving your performance. It is accessible to the general public and very beneficial for your cardiovascular health. This type of training builds up the resistance of your heart, which becomes stronger and performs better when you make an effort. As you continue the sessions, you will noticeably develop your breathing, your endurance will increase and you will stimulate your circulation.

A tip from the coach: before starting, you are strongly recommended to do some cardio exercises for 1 month.

Do you like letting off steam? Then you should try biking. This exercise is ideally suited to working out and improving your mental strength. Under the instructor's supervision, and driven on by the rest of the group, you will be encouraged to reach your best possible level. You will boost your performance by covering up to 25 km in a single session. And you don't even have to think! Biking does not involve any motor-related difficulties or coordination. All you have to do is pedal!

Biking is an infallible means of losing weight quickly. It combines muscular effort and respiratory exercise, which are two essential factors to lose weight. The intensity of the exercises and the length of the efforts mean that you will burn up a lot of calories (700 calories per session on average, depending on your weight, your level and your motivation!). It is THE ideal activity to flush out toxins and feel at ease in your body, because this type of exercise also contributes to your well-being by releasing a lot of endorphins, the so-called "happy hormones".

But biking does more than just burn up fat. It is also a great way to firm up your lower body, legs and buttocks, without damaging your articulations. As the sessions go by, this ultra-energetic method will build up your strength and the endurance of your muscles, without any gain in volume.

Biking is something you should try to stay fit and in great shape, all year round. It is the ideal activity to overcome stress, wind down, sweat and have fun. Obviously, to fully benefit from positive effects of biking, you should do at least two sessions a week, which can be supplemented by endurance exercises (low-intensity training, such as stretching or yoga) and an activity to build up the general strength of your upper body. And opt for a cardio-bike if you want to carry on training at home. You have no more excuses! Now you have everything you need to go biking, no matter what the weather!