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Fitness: why do cardio fitness?

My goodness, there are loads of good reasons! An endurance exercise specific to fitness, cardio fitness strengthens your heart muscles and regulates its pace. But you should bear in mind that it has other benefits, and some good ones at that!  

Cardio fitness, which can be practised with or without training equipment, provides multiple physical and mental benefits. Want to lose a few kilos, take care of your health, feel good about your body, or supplement your sports training? Cardio fitness is for you!

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Get the heart of an athlete with cardio fitness

74% of people who do cardio fitness see it as a way to stay in good health or to lose weight. And indeed, this sport, which among other things aims to elevate your heart rate, has the beneficial effect of strengthening your heart muscles. “It is by making our heart work that we teach it endurance and the ability to adapt to the demands we may make of it,” explains sports coach Stéphane Guéry. Cardio fitness can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of physical condition or age. Simply follow a course that's at your level and do exercises that match your physical abilities! And if you want to protect your joints, especially as you're starting out, consider spinning. Cardio fitness helps your heart reach and maintain its full abilities. This allows the heart to better cope with the demands you make of it as the years pass, and be able to adjust to periods of intense physical exertion, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc.

Cardio fitness: your health says thank you

Generally speaking, sports, and their physical endurance qualities, contribute to keeping us in good health. For example, people who do an endurance-focused physical exercise daily find their risk of contracting heart disease cut in half. Fitness workouts, at moderate intensity, help strengthen the body's immune system. As the heart muscles become stronger, the risk of arterial hypertension, type-2 diabetes, and heart attacks, also becomes lower. Did we mention that cardio fitness is good for your health?


Lose weight and build muscle with cardio fitness

Still on the topic of health, cardio fitness is a sport that causes your body to spend a great deal of energy. Want to firm up certain parts of your body? Lose those five kilos you've been trying to drop since last Christmas? Boost your energy levels? Pick cardio fitness, which you can do with or without gym equipment. You can start experiencing the joys of this sport with nothing more than a skipping rope! There are many options you might find suit you, such as group classes, body attack, fitness dancing, circuit training, etc., and they are a great opportunity to fully exert yourself! Lastly, cardio fitness also strengthens your muscles, which helps you focus your efforts on very specific areas of your body. Naturally, some exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, stationary bike, or rowing machine, among others, can also play a very useful part in your cardio fitness regime, as they allow you to work out from home, like when you need to watch the kids or the weather is bad. There are many different ways you can enjoy this sport, it's up to you to discover which one is best for you! We recommend seeking the advice of a coach in order to give yourself the best chance of reaching your goals!

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Have a great time with cardio fitness

Last but certainly not least, cardio fitness provides an excellent opportunity to take a little time for yourself every day, to enjoy yourself, and take a few moments to disconnect from your family and professional obligations. Whether you work out alone, as a couple, with friends, or whether you do the body attack, circuit training, body sculpt, spinner, or body jump, cardio fitness is first and foremost a sport that lets you take a break and clear your head. “A lot of people choose fitness dancing, such as zumba, which has a fun festive aspect to it," continues Stéphane Guéry. “It's suitable for everyone, and a great opportunity to enjoy a fun time with others.” Only requirement? Leave your worries behind in the locker room!

What are the main reasons you do cardio fitness? Why do you continue doing it? What do you like the most about it? We look forward to hearing your experiences!

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