Cardio fitness as a couple: 5 reasons why you should try it

Are you already a cardio diehard but want to share your passion with your other half? Here are five excellent reasons why working out together is better!

Working out with a partner is obviously more fun: there are a lot of benefits to running, jumping and doing squats with someone you like spending time with. We've got five good reasons why you should give it a try…


1. Something for everyone

Doing cardio” is a key part of “doing cardio as a couple.” And it's a great activity in terms of physical fitness. “Cardio increases your heart rate, which means it works your heart muscle,” explains Emilie Vandroth, fitness coach at Domyos. “It's a sport that works all your muscle groups and is extremely dynamic. There are loads of different types of equipment and styles you can do as wellthere's truly something for everyone.” While you do your jump squats, your partner can tell you about their day while they warm up on the treadmill. Both of you will be able to get a taste of why working out is so fun!


2. Optimise your time!

Between work, your personal life and your many everyday obligations, it can be hard to find time together for just the two of you or squeeze in exercise. By syncing up your schedules and working out together, you can kill two birds with one stone! All you have to do is carve out a block of time for sport on your calendar. Not only can you spend time with your significant other, but you can also get in a great workout. Organised and ready to roll!


3. Quality time together

While you might not be able to chat the whole time (keeping up an in-depth convo while skipping rope is not as easy as it sounds), you can still take advantage of the time spent working out to catch up with your partner. Maybe the next time you go running together, you can start planning your upcoming holidays? Or as you hit the exercise bike while your partner runs on the treadmill, you can hash out your work problems and leave the stress behind… Doing sport together is a great way to spend time together and get in a good chat!


4. Challenge yourself!

Doing fitness together also means being able to count on each other to stay motivated. “It's always more appealing to do sport with someone else,” says Emilie. “Sometimes after a hard day, you don't necessarily feel like hitting the gym or going out for a run when it's 8°C outside. Doing it together means you don't really have a choice. You know you have to keep your commitments and just go!” Besides keeping each other motivated, doing cardio fitness activities together is a great way to push each other to work a little harder. Ran three kilometres during your last workout? Maybe your partner can challenge you to do 500 metres more next time. And maybe they can add an extra five squats to their circuit… Always encourage each other and consider watching how-to videos and plans available online! It's like having your own personal trainer in a way…

Convinced? No matter your level, doing sport as a couple means showing up and supporting each other at every step of the way!

Do you do cardio fitness as a couple? What are your favourite activities? What are the benefits? Tell us all about your experience!



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