Holidays are over and you're back to work: it's the perfect time for good resolutions! You've decided to get back into shape - for good! Read our tips for helping you to get back into sports without getting put off.


First things first: get your doctor's OK

Making sure you're in good health to play your sport is an important first step. Take the time to see your doctor before starting up any programme. It's better to find out about any issues now that may hinder your athletic endeavours.


Set a training plan

There's no point in sprinting out of the gate if you're going to lose steam quickly and drop out of the race. Set a long-term training plan to follow. On a weekly or monthly basis, decide on a plan and know what activities you're going to do ahead of time. Otherwise, you may easily find excuses to not work out!

Challenge yourself with a real training plan. New goals will always motivate you!


Sign up at a local gym

To help you get on track, sign up at a local gym. You'll have everything you need at hand to help you get in shape. Whether you want cardio machines or weight training equipment, varied fitness activities or classes, you'll find just what you want for a made-for-you programme to get you in shape. 


  • Check that the gym's hours work for you.
  • Check out the athletic equipment and facilities and ask if it's possible to get a trial pass.
  • Talk to the instructors and ask if there is a personal training service available.
  • Take a quick walk around and check if the locker rooms are clean.
  • Take out a short-term membership or flexible plan that will let you get your money back if you're not fully satisfied.


Go for cardio

If you haven't done any sport in a while, start out with cardio training exercises to improve your lung capacity and endurance. For example, try walking or running on a treadmill or cycling on an exercise bike. These activities will help you improve your heart and joint condition.


Slow and steady wins the race

For best results, start back slowly! Don't go overboard from the start. Aim to make gradual progress.

By starting with easy activities, you'll help your body ease back into exercising. Walking on a treadmill is a great way to get back into shape. Start with 30 minutes a day. Regardless of the activity, be sure to listen to your body and be patient: the results will come! If you feel tired, it means you've reached your limits. Don't hesitate to give yourself some time to rest.


Remember: you get into better shape by working out regularly for short periods of time than by jumping into two-hour marathon sessions that will exhaust you instead of energising you.  To stay motivated, vary your activities and your workouts with endurance exercises, cardio training, and weight training.


To help you organise your fitness sessions starting in September, we asked Oliver, our coach. Follow his great tips to create your workout schedule.