The medicine ball is an all-round fitness accessory. Domyos gives you 5 great reasons for using this weighted ball (which comes in different weights). Give it a go right now, whatever physical activity you do!


Initially used by physiotherapists to re-train people after injury, the medicine ball has now become popular for fitness and sport in general. And rightly so. These versatile balls range in weight from 1 to 10 kilos and come with a variety of very interesting exercises to do. There are several different versions of the ball: with straps, with handles, inflatable, filled with sand. There are numerous good reasons for using a medicine ball to help keep yourself trim!


The medicine ball: your body-building ally

First up, the medicine ball is a motivational fitness accessory that will breathe new life into your training while giving you a good physical workout. But above all it is useful because of the numerous exercises that effectively train and strengthen all of your muscle groups. A word of warning: we recommend starting with the right weight to suit your level of physical activity and gradually increasing the weight as you progress.


The medicine ball: your abs' partner in crime

As well as being perfect for strengthening your lower limbs (hamstrings, adductors and gluteal muscles), the medicine ball is just as good for your abdominals. There are a multitude of exercises and movements that you can do to build stomach muscle using a medicine ball. You can do lunges with chest twists (holding the medicine ball in your hands), standing twists alone or as a pair, core work, etc.


The medicine ball: perfect for physical preparedness

Top-level athletes and sportspeople use medicine balls in training. They are very popular thanks to their versatility and fun side. They can be used for a range of movements and in plenty of sports by reproducing specific actions. In boxing, for example, they can be used for anticipating blows to your stomach (tense your abs while lying on the floor. A partner drops the medicine ball onto your stomach. Quickly give the medicine ball back to him to improve your speed). When used in warm-ups and training sessions for competitive sports, the medicine ball can really boost the speed and accuracy of your movements (when twisting, for example). As a result, it can also improve your proprioception (perception and awareness, or lack thereof, of how your body is positioned).


Medicine balls for gaining power and explosiveness

The medicine ball is perfect for developing power and explosiveness. Plyometrics (muscle contraction preceded by a stretch) help you to store up the energy that will be released when you tense the muscle. You can therefore use your medicine ball as a projectile for increasing the power of your throws, for example. You can do some exercises like squats combined with throwing a medicine ball alone (against a wall) or in pairs.


Medicine balls develop coordination and balance

These fitness balls are also a must-have accessory if you want to improve your coordination and balance. In fact, you could vary the exercises by using the medicine ball to throw you off balance (when twisting your chest to work your obliques, for example) or improve your coordination. Doing exercises when off-balance helps to work deeper muscles, the ones that are vital to maintaining good posture. The result will be that you can exercise safely (better core stability, stronger back), as well as feeling the benefits in your everyday life. By using a medicine ball, you will be able to do movements that work an entire chain of muscles. This will develop your intermuscular coordination, build up your abs and lower back muscles, and burn more calories through using more muscle mass.




Fun, versatile and with a wide variety of exercises, the medicine ball is the must-try fitness accessory if you want to bring a new aspect to your sports training. Available in a range of weights and sizes, this training tool is great whether you're a complete novice or an old hand.