500 Adult Aikido/Judo Uniform - White

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Key feature
To advance and perfect your techniques, try out our durable, elegant uniform that has all the freedom of movement you could want! Sold without belt.
Breaking resistance
A uniform with good tensile strength thanks to the 550g/m² fabric.
Freedom of movement
Move freely upright and on the floor thanks to the loose cut at the shoulders.
Ease of use
Perfect your judo holds thanks to the easy-to-grip EVA collar back


Main fabric : Top : 65.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : Top : 35.0% Cotton Main fabric : Bottom : 65.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : Bottom : 35.0% Cotton
2 years


Grammage and composition: an explainer
The thickness and weight of the fabric is expressed in grams per metre square. This is known as grammage. And for judo, there's nothing better than a uniform with durable fabric that stays in place for grapples and also when being washed! This is why we've chosen a fabric blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester: it is more resistant to pulling and washing. And with its 550g/m² grammage, it's the perfect weight for intermediate judo!
A collar designed for judo:
Judo is a combat sport that uses grappling techniques: you need to grab your opponent's uniform to throw them to the floor. So to facilitate your training, we've designed a neckline with a wider back and an EVA foam edge. This makes it easer to grab the edge of the collar. And for staying presentable and easily putting your uniform back to rights, the front of the collar is curved. Result: your jacket follows the lines of your body and naturally sits in a closed position.
The design of the 500 judo uniform
We've designed a judo uniform adapted to your sport so you can progress without constraints: the length of the sleeves, the looseness at the shoulders and the nipped-in waist allow you to move freely. And with the rice-grain and diamond patterns it follows the aesthetic codes of judo. What about the bottoms? They are more durable at the knees for floor-based combat and have a traditional cord fastening at the waist.
The talented martial arts design team...
Enrique, Laurent, Marie and Louis: 3 black belts between the 4 of them and the desire to create a uniform adapted to your level and style! The uniform went through many designs, prototypes and tests with the Sainghin judo club near Lille, France to achieve this. Laurent, the product engineer, says: "We wanted a comfortable judo uniform which you could look and feel good in. The 500 judo uniform is the work of Marie, our garment designer, and the careful work of Enrique, our product manager."
Enrique, product manager at Outshock, extols the benefits of judo:
"I come from the world of karate and one thing that I've always noticed about judo is the idea of strength and flexibility both at once. Judokas practise with an elegance which is wonderful to watch. I also like the idea that the dojo extends beyond the building it's in: you learn a lot of things about yourself outside of its walls. It's the precision and values that I found at Outshock and that I wanted to communicate through our judo uniforms."
How to choose your uniform size
The choice of uniform size depends on how big you are! Uniform sizes are from 160 to 200cm and we recommend choosing a uniform at least 5cm longer than your height. For example, if you are 174cm, chose a 180cm uniform.
How to care for your uniform
We recommend airing your uniform after each use. Wash regularly to maintain its white colour. Our tip? Wash on a cold wash for the first few times. And for drying, we highly recommend allowing it to air dry and not to use a tumble dryer.
4.18 / 5 33 Reviews
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    Judo Uniform feels great!

    For those who want to get into Judo and are looking to buy a Judo Gi, there's no question of the quality feel of this outfit.

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    29 October 2019
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Kvalitní materiál

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    03 February 2020
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    Un poco decepcionada

    El que tenían antes de la marca Adidas era mejor producto.
    Talla en grande y a pesar de aconsejarme esa talla en la tienda física no ha cumplido mis expectativas.
    A pesar de lavarlo según las indicaciones de la dependienta, NO encoje

    Brand's answer :

    Buenas Nuria:

    Gracias por depositar tu comentario sobre el producto y dedicarnos un poco de tu tiempo. Este suceso lo tendremos en cuenta para mejorar en una futura revisión del producto cuando sea necesario.

    Si necesitas un cambio de talla te recomendamos acudir a tu tienda Decathlon más cercana, o también desde la página web, para cambiarlo por la que más te convenga totalmente gratis y sin ningún problema. También te recordamos que tienes disponible toda nuestra gama de judogis disponibles pinchando aquí.

    Un saludo.

    Fernando M.

5 / 5 1 Review
1 users recommended this product

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  • 12 February 2020
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    muy bien

    esta genial muy buen producto calidad precio