cardio on holiday

5 Tips to keep going over the summer!

Are you a cardio addict and don't want to stop during your holidays? Here are some tips for keeping up your workouts while on holiday…

After several weeks or months of workouts, it would be a shame to brutally cut off all activity while on holiday—right when you finally have lots of time. Emilie Vandroth, fitness coach, provides some of her best tips for continuing your cardio fitness under the coconut trees or next to the pool!

cardio on holiday

Running and cycling in discovery mode

Nothing is keeping you from running a few kilometres in the morning. “Being in a new environment is really great for your workouts,” notes Emilie. “By running on the beach or exploring a new place, running takes on another dimension, there is a discovery side to it, beyond your daily routine… It feels like less effort, since your mind is on other things!"
Same for cycling: feel free to bring your own bike or seek out rental agencies so you can ride around and explore your surroundings. Whether alone, as a couple, or with friends, an athletic outing is a great way to start the day!

The right times for a workout

The advantage of a holiday is that you can organise your time however you like. But there are still some times that are better for cardio fitness. “Personally, I train in the morning, either without eating, or after a light meal like a banana and some dried fruit,” says the coach. “Otherwise, you'll need to wait around an hour after breakfast before working out, since your movements are rather intense and can interfere with digestion.” Similarly, later in the day, it's better to exercise before dinner rather than after. You'll sleep even better!

Don't stop so you don't let it go!

Why not completely stop during your holiday? “Because it's often rather difficult to start back up when you return,” admits Emilie who also continues to workout during her holidays. “Even if you're just continuing a bit during your holiday, it is easier to return if you haven't stopped completely. And in the end, after weeks and weeks of workouts, it's a shame to let it all go. If you manage to sustain some physical activity during your holidays, it will be even easier to start again when you return.

Cardio and strength in the morning

On vacation, Emilie establishes a cardio routine in the morning. “I work out for between 20 and 30 minutes. I bring a jump rope with me, which is very practical and doesn't take up much space in my luggage,” she continues. “And then, I set up some circuit training with my husband, made up of exercises that don't require any special equipment.” Burpees, jump squats, lunges, etc. Get your heart rate up for a few minutes, then return to calm with some strength exercises to end your workout. Now you're ready for the pool or the day's adventure!

Time to get organised!

On holiday, 20 to 30 minutes of cardio fitness work are enough for maintaining good physical activity… But be sure you don't forget to pack your sports equipment! Before your trip, don't hesitate to ask questions: is there a gym in your hotel? A pool? A nearby park? Getting information in advance will help persuade you to integrate your cardio routine into your stay… And you can pack based on your plans!  

Do you keep working out while on holiday? What activities do you choose? What are your tips for continuing your workouts? We can't wait to hear from you!



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