5 Good reasons to use an elliptical trainer

Advice for all individuals who want to keep fit and regain their figure! You may perhaps be familiar with the elliptical trainer, a piece of cardio training equipment that, in one single movement, combines the pedal motion of an exercise bike, the climbing motion of a stepper, the forward and back motion of a rower and the running motion of a treadmill. But, are you familiar with all the advantages it has to offer? Without further delay, learn about the benefits of the elliptical trainer.

1: The elliptical trainer helps you lose weight

If you've decided that you want to lose weight, don't look any further; this piece of equipment is just what you need: half an hour per day on an elliptical trainer, working at 70% of your maximum heart rate, is an effective way of burning excess fat. Not only do the exercises seem easier as you're using all your muscles but in addition, you also burn calories. It doesn't just target one part of the body, but distributes the workload throughout the body; an attractive feature which will help you stick to your training programme and achieve quick and motivating results.

2: The elliptical trainer tones 80% of muscles

Here's a fitness machine that's good for your muscles! With the elliptical trainer, no part of the body is overlooked. And the proof is a wonderful coordinated effort: pushing down on the pedals works the thighs, buttocks and calves at the same time; whilst the arms, shoulders and pectoral muscles are working simultaneously to operate the handles. And yet another benefit: the machine's movements force you to stand upright (a positive for those with bad backs) and help your abdominals contract naturally.

3: The elliptical trainer is good for the heart

Cardio training, which is strongly recommended as part of physical rehabilitation and motor recovery, is beneficial for maintaining fitness levels and cardiovascular health. Regular physical exercise has many benefits; it strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and lowers cholesterol. The elliptical trainer offers additional benefits since it also helps improve respiratory performance. Its heart-strengthening benefits are unanimously acknowledged by health professionals.

4: The elliptical trainer is gentle on the joints

There is no risk of damaging your joints or risk of injury: this is one of the great advantages of the elliptical trainer. The elliptical motion reproduces the body's natural running motion, distributing body weight evenly between both legs. Result:  you spare your joints the stress of high-impact and can work your muscles smoothly. Sportsmen regularly use elliptical trainers for physical preparation or for getting back into shape after an injury.

5: There's nothing like the elliptical trainer for letting off steam!

What better way of clearing your head than by treating yourself to a cardio training session? Although the benefits of the elliptical trainer are undoubtedly physical, they are also psychological. Exercising is good for the body and mind: you work hard and get rid of your stress. Furthermore, isn't it true that sport makes you happy? Yes. During and after exercise, your brain releases endorphins, famous happiness hormones. This is yet another good reason to get moving, at your own pace, without leaving home. And an additional bonus: you can decide on the best time to do your elliptical training session: in the morning when you wake up, in the middle of the day during your lunch break or in the evening to wind down.

The coach's advice

If you don't know what sort of workout to do, start with a 30 minute session on the elliptical trainer.

- Warm up gently, at a low speed (walking) for 10 minutes
- Gradually increase your pace: 15 minutes work, depending on your stamina (for reference, if you can hold a conversation or read aloud without being out of breath, then you're exercising at the correct level).
- Slow your pace for approximately 5 minutes to cool down.

You're now familiar with 5 good reasons to use an elliptical trainer. To achieve visible results, train at least twice a week, for 45 minutes, staggered over a few days. Don't forget to stay hydrated and stretch after exercising! If you have any concerns, have heart-related or back problems, weak knees, or suffer from arthritis, please consult your doctor.