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3 Tips for looking after your boxing equipment

Your boxing wraps, gloves and mouthguard get used at every training session.  But how should you take care of them? To find out how to look after your essential boxing accessories, take a look at our tips.

Boxing wraps, boxing gloves and mouthguards come in several colours, materials and shapes. They're the basic protective equipment you need and are in direct contact with your skin and teeth. Let's learn a few simple ways of looking after them.    

Boxing wraps

Let's start with boxing wraps, which are a must for every boxer.

At first sight, there's nothing complicated about them. You just put them on for training then stick them in the washing machine afterwards. So far, nothing special. But before you put them in the laundry, unroll them and do up the rip-tabs, otherwise they might get stuck to your other clothing.

Depending on what they're made from, you should wash them at either 30°C or 40°C.


Once they're completely clean, hang them up on an airer and make sure they're unrolled so that they dry faster.  Normally one night is enough for them to dry out, after which you can roll them up ready for your next class.


When should you change your wraps?


Wraps are made from fabric and, like clothing, they wear out with intensive use due to contact with the sweat and high temperatures inside your boxing gloves. When your wraps become less stretchy than normal, there's a risk they might tear so it's time to replace them.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are generally made from polyurethane (PU) or leather. They can't be washed. So how do you look after them? For the outside, just give them a wipe with a damp cloth. And what about the insides? A first tip is to always use boxing wraps, which absorb perspiration. They absorb some but not all of the humidity your hands produce during training. Our hands are really put through their paces during boxing. The high temperatures and compression mean they sweat a lot.


Gloves that aren't dry can smell unpleasant. Why? It's the bacteria that thrive inside damp gloves that cause the bad odours. To solve the problem, always thoroughly dry the inside of your gloves.


Perspiration is acidic and damages gloves on the inside.


After a training session, leave your gloves open so they dry out fully. And why not try using glove dryers to speed things along? They're easy to carry around and don't take up much space (they clip together). You can use them straight after your boxing lesson. Get them ready before putting your gloves away.

It's also important to take your gloves out of your bag and wipe the insides with a dry cloth.

Ideally, you should have two pairs of boxing gloves, not just so you can alternate between them but also so you can use the right kind of glove for the right kind of boxing. One pair should be for use with a bag, and the other for sparring lessons. Gloves wear out faster on a punching bag than they do when training with a partner.


When should you change your boxing gloves?


It all depends on the intensity of your classes. As a general rule, every two years.

The mouthguard

There's one to suit every taste! Heat-moulded mouthguards often come with their own storage box. Once your mouthguard is moulded, use it at each training session.

After use, you can store it in its box. Is that all? Ideally, before putting it away, you should rinse and dry it. Or, once you're home, brush it with a toothbrush and toothpaste! As it's a product that's in contact with your teeth, it's best that it's completely clean.

There's also another way of sterilising your mouthguard: put the mouthguard and its box in a large bowl of water with a spoonful of baking soda for half an hour.


When should you change your mouthguard?


What with all the munching and crunching, they don't have an easy life! Take good care of them. Buy a new mouthguard as soon as yours is damaged.

Take care of your equipment and make the most of your boxing sessions.

Over to you. How are you getting on with boxing? What are your favourite exercises? Share your experiences and don't forget to let us know if you liked this article!

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