workout mat

A workout mat is an essential part of any fitness workout.
We tell you why and how to choose one.


MATS: your perfect partner when it comes to a comfortable workout

When you're doing fitness exercises on the floor, you're going to need a workout mat.


Firstly, it allows you to work safely by protecting your joints and your body as a whole.
Insulated against the ground, which can sometimes be cold, you can work out in complete comfort.
Workout mats also absorb sweat when you're exercising hard and they're all washable too.
Finally, our mats are designed for one or more type of exercise, which means there's one for everyone.
You're sure to find a mat to suit your taste and budget.
which is all the more reason why you should have one. But how to choose the right one for you.


How to choose your mat

When choosing a mat you need to take into consideration the type of exercise you do. 

They all have different characteristics and meet the needs of each type of activity: grip, thickness, durability, size, etc.
The key words that should guide you in the choice you make, regardless of the type of exercise you do, are comfort and safety. Your mat is your perfect fitness partner and you need to be at one with it.

But don't worry! From the standard beginners' mat to more technical mats designed for specific activities, there's something for everyone and for every budget.


Mats for beginners

If you're looking to start exercising again but you don't have a big budget or you're just not willing to spend a lot, we've got exactly what you need.
Our entry-level mats are great value for money and let you get started again without breaking the bank.

Check them out now!

You do soft gym

With soft gym exercises like pilates, most movements are performed in a sitting or kneeling position or lying on your back. That means you need to be comfortable. To protect your back from cold floors, pilates mats are thicker and more dense than other types of floor mat.

- Excellent level of user comfort thanks to their thickness, denseness and softness.
- They provide an extra level of comfort when you're barefoot.
- There's a mat for everyone as they come in three sizes: S, M, L
- They're easy to keep clean: just wipe with a damp cloth.
- You can roll them up, which means they're easy to carry and put away.


You do moderate to intensive fitness workouts

Are pull-ups, press-ups, jumps, squats, burpees and jumping jacks all words that mean something to you? If they do, then you do fitness workouts with an intensity that ranges between moderate and intensive. If you're going to be jumping around, moving up and down and sweating, you need a workout mat that can match the intensity of your training session.It needs to offer grip and durability and cope with all your perspiration too.

- The right thickness to guarantee your comfort and safety
- Designed for use with trainers
- They're easy to keep clean: just wipe with a damp cloth.
- You can roll them up, which means they're easy to carry and put away.

Folding exercise mat

Folding mats are useful for a number of reasons:

- You can fold them up and put them away in a cupboard, under the bed or in a chest of drawers.
- They're easy to carry, which is great if you're going away.
- When they're unfolded you can do all sorts of fitness exercises on them.
- And when you fold them up you can use them to do core strengthening exercises, making the most of the extra thickness they offer.
- Last but not least, you won't have to use your trainers or your water bottle to hold the edges of your mat down or have to keep your feet on it to do your mountain climbers and burpees.


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