Women's gentle gymnastics, yoga organic cotton cropped trousers - light grey

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Key feature
Stretchy, soft cropped bottoms made of organically-grown cotton.The high turn-down waist supports the abdominal wall and adapts to fit every figure.


Available price from 20/01/2015 and while stocks last on Decathlon
Organically-grown cotton, without GMOs, chemical fertilizers or pesticides
Freedom of movement
8% elastane content for added softness.


mottled grey
from XS to XXXL
92% organically-grown cotton, 8% elastane.
Designed to
gentle gymnastics, yoga and pilates.
2 years


Organic cotton
Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. Organic farming methods have been specifically designed to reduce the impact on the environment. It helps preserve biodiversity and soil fertility, and reduces the risk of polluting groundwater tables.Finally, water usage is reduced by 60% compared to standard cotton.
Why do yoga?
Yoga, a practice that has its roots in ancient India, promotes harmony between body and mind. A regular practice results in wellness of mind and body. It helps your body become more flexible, strong and toned. It builds self-confidence, relaxes your body and reduces stress.
The Domyos yoga products design process
Whether you are doing fitness or yoga, staying comfortable throughout your routine is essential. This is why the entire line of Domyos apparel has been designed for freedom of movement. Our clothing is designed to allow you to fully focus on your postures and breathing. Styles have been tested during use and we regularly make changes based on customer feedback.
Why organic cotton?
Breathe, relax, eliminate stress... yoga is synonymous with wellness. Those practising yoga respect their body's limits, respect others, and respect nature. This is why we use organically-grown cotton (to reduce its environmental impact)
4.67 / 5 45 Reviews
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    29 March 2017
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    Excellent product, great quality

    Good quality and value for money, excellent collection

  • 24 November 2016
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    Excellent product

    size chart should contain more attributes,.like length, in seam length etc

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    12 July 2017
    Use since 7 to 12 months
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    Très déçu,
    Très mauvaise coupe, ne pas acheter

    Brand's answer :

    Bonjour Madame ,
    Je vous remercie de cet avis sur le corsaire Domyos ; vous semblez déçue par lacoupe , ce corsaire est large , vous souhaitiez quelque chose de plus près du corps ?
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    Je vous souhaite un excellent week end,

    Chef de produit Domyos

5 / 5 1 Review
1 users recommended this product
  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    25 November 2016
    Use since 3 to 6 months
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    Muy cómodo pero deberían de poner más colores.