Want to boost your cardio using an accessory? We take a look at how to do so with a resistance band (shadow boxing).


In this article, I'll explain why we do shadow boxing and give you a few examples of routines that you can do at any point during your training, whether as part of the warm-up, in a break or at the end to relax your muscles. The aim is to imagine yourself in a fight scenario.

What is shadow boxing?

Shadow boxing involves punching the air while imagining yourself in a fight situation.

Boxers conjure up an imaginary ring and opponent.

They then practise their combinations, with jabs (front arm), crosses (back arm), hooks, and uppercuts, while moving around this imaginary ring.

How do you learn to box with shadow boxing?

For newcomers, shadow boxing helps you take your first steps and get used to the sensation of boxing.

Beginners learn how to throw punches correctly and memorise simple, effective combos.

You can also use shadow boxing to train your footwork and its combos.

It's a good way of practising throwing a punch and moving to evade your opponent's punches.

Because boxing is all about punching without getting hit back.

Honing your technique

Shadow boxing is an amazing way of developing your skills.

By repeating moves over and over, boxers will get better and better. Practice makes perfect.~ 

Recreating combos they've learned at training or seen on TV means that boxers will memorise them and develop them as reflexes.

You can imagine yourself being in a real fight to practise evading punches:

-bob and weave (bending your legs to perform a U-shaped movement, and keeping your head straight) to avoid a hook,

-slip to avoid a jab (right-handed punch),


Doing shadow boxing in front of a mirror is very common.

It helps you check that you're doing the movement properly, your fists are coming back to a good guard, your elbows are tucked into your ribs when in guard position, and you're rotating your fists as you punch.

When should you do shadow boxing?

On average, shadow boxing can take up 30% of your training.~ 

The first time you do it is during your warm-up. This gets your muscles ready to move on to the drills.~ 

It is also used during training, particularly during breaks or dead time as active recovery.~ 

Lastly, at the end of training it can be done to consolidate all the combos you've learned during the session and gradually cool you down.

You can also do shadow boxing to train whenever you like.

It doesn't matter where you are.~ 

It could be at home, at school to show your friends, or even at work during a break.

We've all got a boxing friend who just can't stop themselves boxing when they get the chance.

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Taking your shadow boxing up a gear

Once you've got to grips with the basics, you can start adding accessories to push your limits and become an even better fighter.

It might be a case of adding weights to your arms or legs to increase your speed and power.

Or you could work with a partner, pretending to throw punches at each other to put yourselves in a combat scenario.

The rest is up to you! Think of your favourite boxer and set your sights on becoming world champion thanks to your shadow boxing.

Fight Your Limits!

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Have fun!