Training 100 Cross Training Suspension Strap

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Key feature
All-round, effective training. Accessible to all: change the difficulty by leaning your body more or less. Light and compact: take it anywhere thanks to its handy bag
Simple and effective at training your entire body
Easy transport
Light and compact: take it anywhere thanks to its handy bag
Free exercises available from
Ease of use
2 ways of easily fixing it in place: door attachment and strap


Approved by
The Domyos centre coaching team
Our Domyos training strap has been developed, tested and approved with our DOMYOS professional fitness coaches. Our products are used in our gym, in a professional environment.
Designed to
strengthening your entire body using body weight training at home or outside.
2 years


Restricted use
Max. user weight: 130 kg.



With the Domyos Strap Training you work out using your own body weight, allowing you to increase the intensity and effectiveness of your muscle strengthening exercises. 
Domyos offers you video exercises created and produced in partnership with the professional, certified sports coaches at our Domyos Club fitness centres.



For your safety, when you use the strap attachment.
Train anywhere: with the strap, which can fix it to a bar, goalpost, swing, tree, etc. It is important to follow our instructions when setting up your strap and to always make sure the buckle is closed. (see ok / nok image)
For your safety, when you attach it to a door
For use attached to a door, we recommend making the yellow and black safety banner clearly visible to people outside the room. A sturdy doorway, with the door closed, will make your workout safer. To avoid damaging your door, always train on the opposite side to the hinges. (see ok / nok image)
Get the most out of your product: watch our free exercise videos
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> has created a range of videos in partnership with our Domyos Club fitness centre sport coaches to show and explain some of the exercises you can do.
kit contents
The kit includes: - 1 Domyos Training Strap. - 1 guide with the 15 basic exercises and two fixing options. - 1 strap: for attaching your Domyos strap wherever you want - 1 bag.
4.6 / 5 581 Reviews
559 users recommended this product
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purchase confirmed
40-49 years old
28 April 2016
Use since 2 to 8 weeks
facile d'utilisation 00

super produit large gamme d'exercices

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40-49 years old
09 July 2016
Use since 2 to 8 weeks
qualité médiocre
diversité des exercices solidité

j'utilise ce DST depuis seulement 1mois et demi à raison de 3 x 30 minutes par semaine et malgré mon poids de 74 kgs j'ai constaté que le mousqueton était déjà cassé. Je ne pense pas être le premier à le signaler et je trouve ce problème inacceptable pour la sécurité de l'utilisateur. L'ancien modèle à 50 euros était-il de meilleure qualité ? Je précise que j'utilise ce DST de façon tout à fait correcte étant moi même dans le milieu sportif.

Brand's answer :

Bonjour monsieur,

Avant tout, je tiens à m'excuser de l'insatisfaction générée.Merci de votre retour, il est important. Votre sécurité est bien notre priorité.
Effectivement, il ne s'agit pas de la première remontée de casse du crochet.Dès la première remontée, nous nous sommes mobilisés et avons enclenché plusieurs actions :

1. Ajouter plus de contenu et d'information sur la fiche produit disponible sur internet (photos / conseils), afin de mieux vous accompagner sur la manière d'accrocher le produit, car il est indispensable qu'il soit correctement accroché.
2.Immédiatement, nous avons mobilisé la production, et nous avons renforcé les contrôles.En toute transparence, à ce jour, nous avons 2 casses (2 avis clients présents). Ces casses correspondent à 0,002% de nos ventes.Malgré tout, nous avons décidé de modifier et redimensionner le crochet.Ces nouveaux DST seront produits la semaine prochaine avec ces nouvelles exigences.
Je vous propose si vous le souhaitez de vous envoyer ce nouveau produit directement à votre domicile, alors merci de me communiquer votre adresse personnelle.Je vous propose également de vous contacter directement pour mieux comprendre cette casse : vous êtes un spécialiste du sport, votre retour sera précieux, alors merci de me communiquer votre numéro de téléphone, je ne manquerai pas de vous appeler directement.
En attendant, vous pouvez vous faire rembourser de votre achat, dans le magasin le plus proche de chez vous.
Sachez que nous sommes, avec mon équipe, mobilisés à 100%.
à votre écoute
Guillaume Costes Chef de Produit Domyos

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  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    08 February 2017
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Great suspension training equipment

    Does what it says on the packet, amazing price compared to some other mainstream strap/ suspension training products out there (you know what one im on about) Begins with a T ends in an X.and this one works in exactly the same way. Brilliant product for an all
    Over body work out.

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    05 January 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    purchase confirmed
    Versatile training aid
    Value for money, versatility, functionality None

    I bought this for working out at home having used training straps in the gym. This was very easy to put together and the range of exercises supplied on the leaflet and on the free app are excellent and can give a good full body workout at home. The bag for travelling with works well and it can be set up on almost any door.

  • 30 August 2016
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    Definitely recommend

    Get this and you can't go wrong... An absolute steal!

    As a PT, I teach big group classes outdoors including TRX and I have about 10 of them and they're perfect...

    I've had a few different cheaper versions and these by a long long way take the biscuit. Plenty of my clients have also gone and bought this for themselves as they're all quite surprised by the price and build quality.
    All types of suspension trainers have Positives and negatives! The only thing that isn't as good (for far more advanced stuff) with this one is that they're stitched together at the anchor point ( official TRX have a little loop that allows for a couple of inches of movement, and military style ones have no loop at all so the whole strap can move making certain prone/supine movements with feet in more difficult.
    Benefit of it though is you don't have to put it into single handed mode to use it with 1 hand/foot.

    I prefer hanging it from a swing frame or a tree branch @ about 9/10ft because the amount of things you can do is dramatically more when it can swing both ways (giggity) but you can also use it on a door... As they also have a built in door anchor... Which if you bought the official TRX, the door anchor alone would cost more than this. Whole kit. It's really strong strapping (I also have the previous model of the Domyos straps) and the caribiner feels solid and they've upgraded the strap material so it doesn't chafe and rub your arms in certain exercises (chest press, dips etc.)

    No I don't work for decathlon haha I'm just passionate that fitness is affordable for all, and to be done anywhere!

4.8 / 5 39 Reviews
38 users recommended this product
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  • 20-29 years old
    09 September 2016
    Use since 1 week or less
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    purchase confirmed
    Top Produkt
    guter Grip an den Griffen ?

    Eine unglaublich vielseitige Trainingsmöglichkeit zum Top Preis. Gute Produktverarbeitung, wirkt sehr wertig und robust.

  • Vendedora, Zaragoza
    20-29 years old
    20 April 2017
    Use since 3 to 6 months
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    Muy completo

    No estaba segura de la utilidad que le iba a dar pero en cuanto lo probé quedé encantada. El hecho de poder utilizarlo en casa, es muy positivo. Además con la app gratuita de e-coach puedes ver vídeos que te muestras la cantidad de ejercicios que se pueden realizar con el, además de los músculos trabajados, la intensidad del ejercicio y las series recomendadas, ¡VAMOS, COMO UN ENTRENADOR PERSONAL! Lo recomiendo, de hecho se lo he regalado a media familia.

  • Informático, Madrid
    30-39 years old
    10 January 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    purchase confirmed
    Precio, Calidad, Acesorios

    No se puede pedir mas.
    Buenos acabados, permite ser colgado tanto en una barra como en una puerta.
    Dimensiones compactas. Aguanta bien el uso intensivo