Skipping Rope + Weights

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4.02 / 5 42 Reviews
Key feature
Skipping rope for boxers (boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, full-contact karate) or martial arts enthusiasts. Comes with two pairs of weights: 150 g + 250 g.
Ease of use
Ball bearings make handle rotation easier. Non-slip handles
2 pairs of 150 g and 250 g weights. Adjustable length: 2.75 m max.
Vinyl rope. Galvanised steel weights to make them last longer.


Screws : 100.0% Steel Rope : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Foam : 100.0% Polyethylene (PE) Handle : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)
Designed to
boxers wanting to improve their fitness level and muscle tone (two pairs of weights: 150 g + 250 g).
2 years


Restricted use
Do not skip barefoot or without seeking medical advice.


This skipping rope with weights was designed to improve your cardio fitness and muscle tone.
Directions for use
Use your skipping rope in a room that is large enough (width and ceiling height) for safe use. Avoid using your rope on delicate flooring such as hardwood, vinyl, etc. Be sure to wear shoes to prevent injury to your feet. Do not use your skipping rope near other people.
Read the instructions to determine the proper length. When adjusting the length of your rope, remember that it can be difficult to move the steel buckle. If necessary, you can also make a knot to adjust the length.

Users reviews

4.02 / 5 42 Reviews
31 users recommended this product

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  • Man
    30-39 years old
    30 July 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Good product

    Product has met my expectations. It's a strong sturdy well made product that provides a tougher workout than a lightweight speed rope. The rope is thick and when the heaviest weight is added to the handle its almost as heavy as the more expensive heavy jump ropes that distribute the weight on the rope. The only downsides I can see are the material on the handles can slip off and if you need to adjust the length it might prove tricky for some. The length was perfect for me though out the box.

  • Woman
    40-49 years old
    18 March 2018
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    Difficult to adapt to suitable le goth.

    I was looking forward to my skipping rope. I still haven’t been able to use it. You are supposed to cut the rope to suit your height, that’s easy. However, they suggest you reuse the metal stopper that it comes with. It’s impossible to use it. It’ll be better if they provide you with another one, so you can use your pliers and adjust it.

    Brand's answer :

    Thanks a lot to give us your opinion on Skipping Rope + Weights. I m sorry to hear your issue adjusting the rope length, we know that could be difficult to move the steel buckle and we are suggesting to make a classic knot to adjust the length. Your feedback is really helpful to speed up our product manager in order to find a better solution for that.
    Don t forget you can claim a total refund or a product change in your nearest Decathlon store
    Kind regards

  • Man
    01 August 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Muy bueno para ejercitar los brazos

    Ademas de saltar se nota bastante el trabajo con lastre en antebrazos y hombros

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