Self-Powered Cross Trainer EL520

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Key feature
Want to ride in front of the window (or the TV) but don't have an outlet nearby? No power needed: the EL520 cross trainer is self-powered by your movements. Extra benefit: a wide range of motion!
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Smooth pedalling
9kg flywheel ensures smooth pedalling: you are sure to keep going
Never feel alone thanks to its 6 functions and 9 programs
User comfort
Stop feeling tortured thanks to the ergonomic handlebar and adjustable pedals
This wireless cross trainer moves easily on its wheels


Frame : 100.0% Steel Protection cover : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)
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This product has been designed by Decathlon engineers in order to bring you a pleasant, motivating and safe sports experience.
2 years (parts and labour). 5 years (metallic frame). Spare parts available for 10 years.
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Storage Tips
Do not leave in a damp place; do not store outdoors.
Restricted use
Max. user weight: 130 kg. For home use only.


“The cord is too short”, “The cord is too long, I keep tripping on it”, “I can't put it outside, since there's no outlet”, or simply, “Oh, I didn't know I needed to plug it in!” We got the idea of a self-powered cross trainer by listening to our sports users. We chose your favourite cross trainer in our range (the Comfort) and equipped it with a self-powering system. A true team effort between you, our partners, and us :)
On a cross trainer, you put your body's main muscle groups to work. The wider your range of motion, the more your muscles work: so you get more toned! But there's more, the cross trainer is, above all, a cardio-training tool. And cardio work is essential to supplying your muscles with oxygen, understand? So the more you move, the more your muscles work, and the more your heart is put to the test!
Pedalling comfortably means a smooth motion without jerking. The flywheel's weight is fundamental to this smoothness. The more regularly you plan to train, the more important the weight of the flywheel will be to your comfort.
The EL520 helps guide you through workouts by displaying 6 functions: - time - distance - speed - calories - heart rate (using the "Hand Pulse" sensors) - pace Also 9 training programs sorted by level: - 1 GETTING BACK IN SHAPE - 1 GETTING IN SHAPE - 1 5 km PROGRAM - 3 WEIGHT LOSS - 3 PERFORMANCE And there's more! Get motivated, reach your goals, or just have fun by connecting your device to the compatible apps Econnected and Kinomap.
During your fitness cardio session, comfort is absolutely essential, especially if you train regularly. So we decided to work on several aspects for you. The EL 520 has: - an overall ergonomic shape adapted to your training - manual controls - stability adjustments - a self-powered system - a heart rate monitor - pedal locks
Small benefits make life easier, like: - wheels to easily move your cross trainer from one place to another - handpulses that indicate your estimated heart rate both easily and quickly - a tablet support that lets you easily install your smartphone or tablet on the console - a bottle cage for easily staying hydrated while training - a locking system on the pedals for maximum safety
Product size: L.146 x W.63 x H.159 cm Product weight: 52 kg Box size: L 118.5 x W 64 x H 33 cm Total weight: 62 kg
2 years on parts and labour 5 years on metal parts Spare parts available for 10 years You can find all our tips for maintaining and repairing your product under OUR SERVICES, at the bottom of this product file.
The Hand-Pulse function (measures heart rate through the hands) should not be used by people wearing a pacemaker. Max. user weight: 130 kg. For home use only
4.5 / 5 545 Reviews
507 users recommended this product

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  • 25 July 2019
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Great buy

    Great piece of equipment easy to assemble and really good workout on this piece of equipment.

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    25 July 2019
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Domyos EL520 Crosstrainer, strange ball bearings

    I have bought the Domyos EL520 Crosstrainer. Started to assembly and got a strange surprise. The encapsulated ball bearings for both left and right feet pedals were defective with inner rings moving far sideways and major vaseline spill-out. I went back to Decathlon, the staff was great, changed one pedal after my explanations, but surprisingly, the new pedal had the same defect. Actually both pedals were defective. The inner ring of the encapsulated ball bearing had the same strange sideways, up and down movement with the same major vaseline spill. The ball bearings are definitely of low quality I would strongly recommend changing them prior the assembly with something else. I did not and it was a mistake. After assembly and a maximum of 60 minutes use the vaseline spill grew and it is visible. I would recommend the EL520 only for those who have some technical skills to change the ball bearings. The 2203 2RS bearings used in the foot pedal are some china made crap. My recommendation: 2203 2RS KBS made in USA, cheap, durable double ball bearings. I have ordered them because the Decathlon member staff told me they have to order the entire pedal mechanism and the bearings are not sold separately. Again all the best to those friendly and young employers at Decathlon, they have tried everything to help me. So some big KUODS to them. But the quality control in CHINA deserves something else and you all know what.

  • Woman
    40-49 years old
    21 March 2019
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Perfect for home use

    I looked at lots of different models regarding size, function, price etc. I am a busy full time working mum so time is very precious and this equipment offers everything I need. It doesn't take up huge amounts of space, i can hop on anytime and fit my exercise around the daily routine. Its quiet, easy to use, priced well for the build quality. The programmes are more than enough to get that heart rate up. I would say go for the purchase you will not be disappointed but remember it's not a commercial piece of gym equipment.

5 / 5 17 Reviews
17 users recommended this product

At Decathlon, reviews are reliable.

  • 08 September 2019
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    Gran calidad a un precio razonable.

    la estoy usando a diario y me parece una máquina muy buena, es muy silenciosa y el pedaleo es muy fluido con muchos programas para utilizar.

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    30 August 2019
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Es una bicicleta bastante sencilla a pesar de la multitud de programas y funciones que incluye, de intensidad y rapidez, viene muy bien para las personas que tienen algún daño en las articulaciones de la rodilla porque se amortigua con las zancadas que se dan al empezar el ejercicio y sobre todo no hay necesidad de ponerla al lado de ningún enchufe porque se retroalimenta según la estás utilizando!

  • Man
    20-29 years old
    21 August 2019
    Use since 3 to 6 months
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Menuda elíptica mas completa! Una compra super acertada. Muy contento!