In order to make your sauna clothes as effective as possible, our Domyos and Oxylane Research teams have developed a new product range that responds to the needs of even the most sporty among you, as well as any active person wanting to stay fit. Discover why and how to wear sauna clothes!

Sauna clothes: why do they work?


Sauna clothes are made from non-breathable materials to increase the amount you sweat. Sweat is what helps to remove excess heat from your body and regulate its temperature (to 37°C), using evaporation to cool the skin. Generally these clothes are worn in order to help you lose as much weight as possible. Nevertheless, it's important to use them correctly.


Simply wearing sauna clothes isn't enough to slim down! They need to be used in conjunction with doing a regular sports activity. This activity doesn't necessarily need to be intense. Indeed, many walkers will wear a sauna belt as they exercise. Nevertheless, take care over when and how you wear one because if the amount of water you lose is greater than the amount you consume, this will lead to dehydration. Don't forget to drink regularly throughout the time you spend exercising!

Sauna clothes should be used in the medium to long term, but never for a prolonged period (if worn for too long, they can cause irritation and make you lose too many vitamins and minerals. Although only making up 1% of your sweat, they are vital for your body to work properly), in order to reap the benefits. To get the most out of your sauna clothes, you can calculate the amount you sweat, but remember that it all depends on how warm it is where you are training.


The effects and consequences of sweating are increased by wearing sauna clothes. Their effects can be very beneficial:

- Wearing sauna clothes increases water loss. You will therefore feel like you have lost weight after doing a physical activity or sport. In fact, you will mainly have lost water, which you need to replace by drinking more. Remember, therefore, that sauna clothes only help you become more svelte and firm up your bum and legs when paired with physical activity and a diet. They are not able to burn fat or tone your muscles.

- When you sweat, you remove toxins from your body. With sauna clothes, you will increase the amount of toxins you get rid of.

- Sauna clothes are perfect for warm-ups. Because they are made from neoprene (light and thermally insulating), polyamide (low friction), PVC (water repellent) and Lycra (particularly for belts, as it is elastic), they are not breathable. This is also why they make you sweat more. They quickly heat up the muscles, which can be a huge bonus in cold weather, as well as alleviating muscle fatigue after exercise.

- They smooth the skin. In fact, it is very noticeable how sauna clothes make your skin softer.

- They fight against cellulite (caused by water retention) and therefore "orange peel" skin. Because they accelerate circulation, sauna clothes smooth out cellulite and have a draining effect. We recommend wearing sauna shorts for tackling cellulite.


Because they are not breathable, sauna clothes do not let sweat evaporate. In collaboration with Oxylane Research, Domyos has shown how sweat that does not evaporate stays on the skin and allows it to rehydrate naturally after exercise. The new Domyos sauna clothes have also been designed to compensate for overheating or to avoid the risk of it occurring.

When training, we recommend testing your shorts for their draining effect. As for sauna belts, they can help you slim your waist and hips. They are mainly used for running. You might want to try wearing one during treadmill training sessions. Lastly, a sweat suit that covers the whole body (jacket and trousers) is perfect for warming up and reheating all of your muscles.

As you have seen, the Domyos sauna clothes are effective and designed to avoid the risks of overheating. Combine them with doing physical activity and sport. And in order to use your sauna clothing effectively, don't forget to drink plenty of water, as well as paying attention to your diet. Eat more fruit and vegetables with a high water content (they all contain plenty of water, but some more than others: watermelons, pears, oranges, pineapples, courgettes, endives, peppers, cucumbers). Finally, if you have any doubts about how to use these products, do not hesitate to seek medical advice (particularly if you suffer from venous insufficiency, or after pregnancy).