The PILATES method is made for everyone!
An excellent ally for your daily life, it is also ideal physical preparation for athletes. Try it out and you'll be sold!


Nearly 100 years old, the Pilates method hasn't aged a day and continues to offer benefits to its practitioners. 
You surely haven't missed this sports "phenomenon" that has charmed a great number of stars, thousands of athletes, and several million practitioners worldwide! 
The Pilates method: Read on and find out

what is it? 

Pilates is a strength training method based on exercises to perform with precision, that tone the body, strengthen the abdominal girdle (the transverse, back muscles, and pelvic floor), improve poor posture, and develop flexibility and mobility.
It was created by Joseph Pilates and we've been talking about it ever since. Find out about it!


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The method is based on six pillars or principles that you have to understand and apply when doing the exercises for them to be effective.

Concentration: Staying focused on each movement lets you do it with precision and makes it more effective while also helping you to let go and relax.

Control: When performed with careful control, each movement is much more powerful. The slower your movements, the harder you'll work!

Breath: Each exercise is coordinated with your breath to make it easier to control each movement.
“Breathing is the first act of life. Our very life depends on it. We must first learn to breathe properly.” Joseph Pilates

Spend a few minutes taking several breaths. You can place your hands on your ribs and close your eyes to feel the movement of the breath and enhance your concentration! Ready? Breathe while keeping your abdominals engaged to stabilise your upper body and hips. Inhale deeply through the nose and into your lungs, letting the ribs expand like an accordion. Exhale through the mouth, squeezing the ribs as if pulling on an elastic and keep your abs engaged!

This breathing technique is very effective as it increases both your lung capacity and activates your deep abdominal muscles!

Centring: Joseph Pilates believed that a toned core was the key to a healthy spine!

The area of the body that Joseph Pilates rightly called the “powerhouse” refers to the deep abdominal muscles (the transverse), lower back and pelvic floor. They keep the upper body stable and aid posture, but we often neglect them in our strength training routines!

Precision: Pilates is not about trying to get through each exercise as quickly as possible. It's all about precision: fully lengthening and completing each movement!

Flow: Pilates is a technique based on dynamic exercises. You inhale during one movement and exhale during another. This creates a cycle (like the breathing cycle) that is smooth and natural. Flow helps you maintain continuity throughout your movements, while also improving your balance, coordination and control!

These principles provide the purpose behind the method that was so important to its creator: physical fitness and well-being.

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Dumbbells, elastics, Swiss ball, balance cushion, etc... All these accessories help to vary your exercises, multiply the different sensations, and better target certain parts of the body. Certain accessories make exercises easier to perform, others help to improve your posture, and others provide additional difficulty so you can continue to progress. 
Finally, some - like gym balls or Swiss balls - have a fun side that helps keep you from getting bored and makes the exercise more entertaining.
Here, you'll find some ideas to help you exercise with accessories.

Pilates with accessories

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Want to go further in your Pilates practice?

To make progress and reach your fitness and wellness goals, regularity will be the key to success!
You will quickly feel the beneficial effects to both your body and mind.
Full of energy, with great mobility and a toned body, you can't help but notice the effectiveness of this method.

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