Pancake Tutu - White

Key feature
Want to dance on stage with ease? This tutu goes on directly over your leotard and does not crease thanks to its specially designed round carrying bag! All set? Let's hit the dance floor!


Freedom of movement
Fabric brief that moulds to your body and moves with you.
Grips the leotard perfectly and is worn over the top like briefs.


4 to 16 years.
White, light pink.
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide Inner fabric : 82.0% Polyester (PES), Inner fabric : 18.0% Elasthane
Approved by
Inès, our test engineer, has worked with professional and amateur dancers to test our products. They wore our products during lessons and told us what they thought - both good and bad. We were able to keep what worked and tweak what didn't to better address dancers' needs. Caroline, our product manager, also does fittings for all sizes on every new style to get just the right fit.
This product has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure it retains its shape and colour. These tests are performed regularly by an external laboratory to confirm that our quality requirements are always upheld.
2 years


What is a ballet outfit composed of?
Ballet uniforms are often recommended or even required by teachers so we suggest asking your dance studio what uniform dancers need. The perfect dance outfit is a leotard and tights as this will stop your clothing shifting around no matter what move you're performing! You can add a skirt if you like. As for footwear, you should check with your teacher whether you need full soles or split soles. Our tip for keeping your muscles warm? Wear a wrap top!
How to choose a ballet outfit
Our motto is fit and comfort. Your leotard and tights should be neither too tight nor too loose. We want to see a smile on your face! To make sure you're comfortable, do a few moves in the fitting room: raise one arm and lean forwards. Your outfit should stay securely in place. When it comes to skirts (which aren't always needed), it's a question of style! They should fit around your waist and be able to follow your movements. All set? Let's hit the dance floor!
When to wear a tutu
They'll make you daydream, but they are made for the stage and aren't used in lessons. Wait until you receive the details of your year-end gala from your teacher before choosing your tutu. Often worn in white, it adapts to top off your leotard with short sleeves or wide or thin straps!
What is the round bag for?
The round bag fits snugly around the tutu to reduce wrinkling because it is kept flat and held in place by a strap to keep it from moving. The short or long strap lets you carry it easily without damaging it because we know that ironing a tutu is not easy!