My story with karate

Jordan, karateka since age 5 and junior world vice-champion at age 16, tells you about his love of the sport and all that it has given him.

My story with karate

Read the story of Jordan, a true karate buff since age 5! He tells how he discovered it, how he improved, his best memories, and what karate still means to him and in his life today.

My beginnings

Hajime! It all started for me at age 5, when I won to my first karate class. Such pride! My uncle was a coach at a club in Gentilly in the Val-de-Marne. I simply wanted to be like him, so naturally, I put on my first karate kimono without knowing that, 21 years later, I would still be just as passionate for the sport.

I started karate class with katas. Like all children at the club, we first learned technique before being able to fight (kumite). I like to compare this learning process to music, where you first have to learn music theory before being able to play an instrument. Karate is exactly the same: technique before fighting.

I passed my belt tests at the end of each year to become a 1st dan black belt at the age of 17.

I quickly specialised in kumite (combat), and I was lucky enough to represent the French team in all age categories (cadets, juniors, under 21, and seniors). I travelled an enormous amount in Europe for competitions (Turkey, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Slovakia, etc...) and created some great memories with my teammates.

My story with karate

I have two amazing karate memories

The 1st is the silver medal in the French championships for the junior team with my teammates. We all started karate together at age 5! We learned everything together, never changing clubs, and we became French vice-champions. An amazing collective memory.

The 2nd is an individual memory: winning the title of Junior world vice-champion under 76kg in Morocco in 2009. After a defeat in the 1st round of the European championships 7 months earlier, I had my heart set on mounting the podium. My whole family was in the stands. It was an amazing, emotional experience. That evening, we went out to celebrate the medal with the people who had travelled to get there.

Karate is more than a martial art

Beyond the unforgettable memories, karate is more than a martial art for me. It is a school of life, where you learn and grow with values that appear in daily life (respect, rigour, pushing yourself, etc.). I use these same values today with the sports users who come into the store.

Karate also opened many doors for me, since I succeeded in entering business school at age 18, which allowed me to pursue my academic/athletic plans by arranging my schedule to allow time for training.

Karate gave me so much: I hope it can do the same for you!




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