Xavier started boxing at age 8. Read about how he fell in love with the sport.

boxing for children

Is boxing right for my child? Why not let them try it out and see...

My 10 year old son has always loved sports. He started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at age six and did one year. He wanted to keep going but the class was cancelled. He then went through a cycling phase. He loves to ride up from 20 to 30 km.

His school offered swimming and running classes. Xavier did both.

I knew he was curious and motivated by endurance sports, but wasn't sure which to choose.

I didn't want to force him into anything or influence his choices. I myself took up boxing with a club. He got interested after hearing me talk about my classes and told me he wanted to come. We did a trial class. I bought him a pair of gloves and inner gloves because mine were too big for him.

boxing class for children

Once in the gym, he discovered a fun and very dynamic class that seemed to interest him. He was smiling and at ease in no time. The most important moment for him was when he slipped his gloves on for the first time! He was so happy! He was into it right away, doing all the techniques: jab, hook, uppercut!  

He was really focused on doing the right movements and showing the trainer how strong he was (especially when doing sit-ups and planks!).

After an hour, he was in heaven. He was tired but happy to have taken his first boxing class.  

He clearly wanted to keep coming!   

I filled out all the forms and paid for the classes.

He's been boxing for two years now. He's just as enthusiastic about it as ever and keeps taking classes with his friends. He loves the trainer, who is both a great teacher and very demanding.


Boxing both energises him and gives him a chance to channel his energy. It teaches him discipline and how to pay attention. He knows that to get better, he has to listen to the trainer and stay focused on his technique. Now, boxing class is just part of his week. During school holidays, he often says: "I want to practise because I love boxing!"     



Boxing enthusiast


Mother of Xavier (age 10), Muay Thai enthusiast