Leather Demi-Pointe Shoes - Salmon

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Key feature
Demi pointe shoes with full leather sole suitable for novice dancers' feet. The full sole allows you to improve strength while the instep adds stability!
Full sole, recommended for beginners. Good foot support.
The slipper and sole are made of leather.


2½ to 6½
Designed to
ballet (beginner ballet dancers)
2 years


Restricted use
Not suitable for outdoor use.


How to choose the right demi-pointes?
Demi-pointe shoes are often used in ballet lessons. The differences are between two main criteria, which are the sole and the material. Full soles are recommended for ballet beginners of any age. They offer good support to the foot. Whilst split-soles are more flexible at the arch of the foot, and provide an attractive line through the foot. Often recommended for intermediate or advanced students who already have good technical mastery
How to choose the right size?
The toes shouldn't be able to move around within the shoes, they should be comfortable held in place without being too tight. A typical exercise to try: When trying on the shoes, stand up and try out a few movements such as flexing – on pointe and then on demi-pointe. All shoes have a tightening cord to make sure they can be perfectly adjusted to your feet. Once adjusted, the excess cord should be cut off. The remaining length should not hang longer than the shoes, nor be made into a loop.

Users reviews

4.36 / 5 33 Reviews
32 users recommended this product

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  • Woman
    19 October 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Kožené piškoty

    Dcera je spokojená, dobře se jí tancuje

  • Woman
    14 January 2019
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    Fallen leider viel zu klein aus

    Meine Tochter hat sogar in Winterstiefeln 35, doch diese Schläppchen sind in 35 viel zu klein gewesen... Schade, jetzt muss ich sie größer nochmal bestellen.

  • 11 January 2019
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Die Größen sind nicht ganz richtig. Meine Tochter hat Größe 35, bei den Ballettschuhen ist es 37.
    Aber sonst sind die Schuhe sehr bequem.