Are you looking for a casual and practical outfit for your sport or fitness sessions? An outfit to wear throughout your regular training sessions at home? Opt for a tracksuit that perfectly combines style and comfort! Are you unsure which cut and material to choose from first? Follow the guide to help you get it right...

How to choose your tracksuit


How to choose your tracksuit

The tracksuit has made its big comeback in the last few years. And good news, it's not just for doing sport or rap videos. It's made it's way from the streets all the way to the catwalks of the most famous fashion designer, dresses the young... and youngsters alike looking for a comfortable to wear and an up-to-date look!

Simply put, the tracksuit has become THE trendy clothing item you must have in your wardrobe. Made up of jogging bottoms and a tracksuit jacket, the training outfit 2.0 wants to be smart and casual. Plain or colourful, with prints or flowery, it will make you look great!

Depending on your tastes, you can wear it as an all in one look (matching outfit) or in a mix and match version (a different top and bottoms). Combine materials, cuts and colours to bring a bit of originality to your style.



Whether it be a men's or women's tracksuit, the material is the first thing to factor in because it affects your comfort.

If you intend to use the tracksuit outfit for intensive and regular exercise, we recommend choosing a synthetic and technical material, such as viscose or polyester that facilitate absorption and wick away sweat. You will subsequently avoid the unpleasant feeling of moisture.

If you prefer a comfortable and soft feel, go with cotton! This natural and breathable material is perfect for gentle gym and Pilates fans. You can subsequently make the most of exercising in comfy and easy-to-wear clothes that can otherwise be used, for example, in cocoon mode at home!

How to choose your tracksuit


If choosing a tracksuit that fits you is partly determined by your build or your sports activity, you must above all else feel at ease in your outfit.

- The slim-fitting cut, which sets apart close-fitting clothes, is currently very much in vogue. Nothing better than a fitted sports tracksuit that flatters your shoulders, thighs or calves, all the more if you do weight training.~- The straight cut or regular fit are, on the other hand, more widely worn.The whole tracksuit remains straight the full length of the body except for being tight around the ankles.~- The skinny fit, which is even more figure-hugging than the slim fit, is particularly favoured by regular runners.~- Conversely, the baggy cut is very large, especially at the level of the buttocksIt is favoured by urban dancers who dance hip hop or soul.

How to choose your tracksuit


The tracksuit size is also a key factor to take into account, so you feel happy wearing it whatever your activity, before and after your workout, or quite simply when at home. Your tracksuit must, therefore, be adapted to your build, without being too loose or too tight.~~The complete tracksuit outfit for men is available in sizes ranging from S to 4 XL, covering the vast majority of needs. As for the complete tracksuit outfit for women, it is available from XS to 3 XL.~~If you are unable to try your tracksuit in store, please note that it is also possible to return purchases made online!


Tracksuits' colours are generally sombre and neutral, letting you coordinate with any other kind of garment should you wish to mix and match different outfits.~You will subsequently have the choice between the very classic black or navy blue tracksuit or the white coloured outfits. The two-tone tracksuit still remains up-to-date by way of side stripes extending the full length of the garment or areas with a different colour in contrast with the main tone.

Lastly, if you want a more original outfit, opt for a tracksuit with motifs


Our teams have developed a comfortable DECATHLON tracksuit, in a very trendy sportswear style, with the Domyos brand. This garment is suitable for your sports activity, whether it be fitness, cardio-training, weight training, dance or still gentle gym or Pilates.

Would you prefer a tracksuit model from a major brand? Look to our Puma, Nike or Adidas branded tracksuits!


Whether it be for a tracksuit top or bottom, we've thought of everything for your comfort:

- The hood: perfect for wrapping up warmly or protecting yourself from a few drops of rain, but not always suitable for intensive activities. It can restrict you when performing certain movements.

- The zip on the jacket: Perfect for protecting your neck when you raise the high collar.In the event you get "hot under the collar", the zip lets you quickly remove the top.

- Pockets: handy for storing your locker key, a small cereal bar or your smartphone. Most tracksuit bottoms and jackets have pockets that are more or less deep.



During Pilates, gentle gym or even when doing stretching, you generally perform slow and low-intensity movements. You are more likely to need a soft and comfortable tracksuit made from cotton rather than an outfit made from a technical material that wicks moisture away. The cotton can also provide warmth and create a cosy feeling during the cold seasons, before or after the session.

How to choose your tracksuit
How to choose your tracksuit


Fitness and cardio-training are intensive activities that easily make you sweat. It is therefore advisable to wear a sports tracksuit made from a technical and breathable material, helping to effectively wick moisture away.

In terms of fit, the slim-fitting cut is especially well-suited to these activities. It's also worth thinking about the garment's durability, which must be high-wear to withstand the intensive strain it's put under. Similarly, look at its stretchy properties, so you are not restricted in your movements.


Do you regularly go running, and are you looking for a suitable tracksuit? Lean towards a close-fitting cut that is both lightweight and breathable that wicks away a maximum amount of sweat. In this case, opt for a sports tracksuits with well-ventilated inlays, instead of cotton that could keep you too warm. A technical material will also protect you from the cold when out running, and the temperature drops.

How to choose your tracksuit
How to choose your tracksuit


Dancing involves wearing a comfortable outfit, in which you can move with ease. It's subsequently worth thinking about tracksuits that are loose-fitting and quite baggy, made out of technical materials that include a percentage of cotton. This type of fabric is ideal for dance steps and movements, whether it be modern jazz or urban dance.

On top of that, you can adjust the length of the tracksuit bottoms to specifically suit you. You are just as free to choose your style as you are your movements!